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Dry scaly itchy patch on scalp of 2yo DD - scalp psoriasis? treatment?

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titferbrains Tue 30-Nov-10 20:18:22

Noticed this dry, whitish patch on DD crown a couple of weeks ago, seems to itch her (keeping her nails short now) and hair is growing sparsely there. I put a bit of neal's yard mother's balm on it but then stopped as didn't know what would irritate it.

What is the best way to stop it spreading and clear it up? DD has dark hair so it's quite noticeable, about 2inch circle.

Want to be clear on whether to use no products in bath or to use a specific shampoo or oil. And shd I treat at night or by day?

thanks all.

Furball Wed 01-Dec-10 06:43:48

check the ingredients of shampoos/soaps for SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate as that is a really harsh chemical used in alot of shampoo and soap as it helps foam the product.

You can get products without

Olive oil is a good thing to use to moisturise

titferbrains Wed 01-Dec-10 12:03:44

ok will avoid SLS, anything to actually treat it or will any oil do?

Furball Wed 01-Dec-10 12:14:53

Olive oil is good

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