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HecateQueenOfWitches Tue 30-Nov-10 15:21:41

Why have I suddenly got a patch under my wedding ring? So painful I have had to take off my rings.

I've never had any there before - I normally get it on my arms, near my elbows. And sometimes on my scalp.

Wedding ring has never irritated me before.

And I've run out of dovobet. <sigh> It's very red and very painful! is sudocrem useless?

alypaly Tue 30-Nov-10 17:19:00

you have possibly got nickel dermatitis or some soap has got stuck under your ring.
hydrocortisone would be ok as long as the skin is not infected

HecateQueenOfWitches Tue 30-Nov-10 17:40:32

thanks. no, not infected I don't think. But it looks for all the world like a whole layer of skin has come off - you can even see the edges! It's like I took it off with a potato peeler!

And of course, when it gets wet it's AGONY!

alypaly Tue 30-Nov-10 17:44:13

is your ring gold. sometimes there is a small amount of nickel in 9 amd 18ct gold and it can cause a dermatitis. how are you with zips on jeans and earings.

alypaly Tue 30-Nov-10 17:44:56

use a barrier cream like conotrane or siopel and take your ring off til it heals.

HecateQueenOfWitches Tue 30-Nov-10 17:53:04

not got my ears pierced. I did a couple of times when I was younger and each time they got badly infected and I had to take them out. Zips no problem.

I have been wearing my (cheap 9ct gold) ring for 13 years with no problem so I don't understand why it would suddenly start causing this. I hope it's not the start of some sort of allergy.

I took my rings off a couple of days ago, it's just too painful to wear them.

hmm everyone's going to be talking. Himself disappears and within a day, so do my rings grin

(he's away for a fortnight, not buried under the patio)

alypaly Tue 30-Nov-10 18:36:56

dermatitis can just start for no reason or detergent/soap may have got stuck under ring...or biological washing powder causes alot of problems.

you will get tonues a waggingsmile

alypaly Tue 30-Nov-10 18:37:10


Earthymama Sat 04-Dec-10 17:46:11

This has just happened to me too, though I've always had problems with wearing rings.
I get the whole layer of skin look, it's very attractive grin

I'm blaming the weather, though we haven't had extreme snow here. I think I probably didnt dry my hands thoroughly before going out. My feet and legs are awaful too and doing that mild constant itch that nearly drives me insane.

Did your ring finger clear up, or you still playing fast and loose? smile I'm using Aveeno and Betnovate.

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