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FFS, DS1 tripped over my arm!!

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create Tue 30-Nov-10 11:17:08

There I was, sat on his bedroom floor, leaning on my arm, having a pleasant chat, when he decided to walk across the room (not even run) and walked straight into my arm, catching my forearm with his knee.

I hurt like hell and still does if I move either it or my fingers or if anyone touches it, although no swelling. Am typing this onehanded. It can't really be seriously damaged can it? - have no idea how I'd get to casualty, gave up getting to work after 1.5 miles took an hour.

create Tue 30-Nov-10 13:14:34

No-one? The pain's subsided a bit, but fingers stiff and have gone blue!

MmeLindt Tue 30-Nov-10 13:16:21

Ouch. No idea, but a call to NHS24 would be a good idea. Don't like the fingers turning blue bit.

MmeLindt Tue 30-Nov-10 13:51:56

How are you doing now, Create?

create Tue 30-Nov-10 19:11:30

I think I'm going to live Mme, thank you, Still tender, but getting more movement

MmeLindt Tue 30-Nov-10 19:29:18

So it hasn't fallen off then? That is a relief.

Medicate with wine and chocolate is DrLindt's advice.

ItalianLady Tue 30-Nov-10 19:35:10

How is DS?

create Tue 30-Nov-10 19:38:25

DS is fine thanks Italianlady, completely unhurt, but contrite for causing his mum pain. He's 9yo btw!

ItalianLady Tue 30-Nov-10 19:39:19

Bless him.

Have you phoned for advice?

nevergoogle Tue 30-Nov-10 19:45:46

could be dislocated from that position especially if you're a flexible person.
are you able to use it now?

create Wed 01-Dec-10 21:07:46

Really, what part of me is dislocated? Pain is now mostly when I try to use the fingers.

I've spent the day telling people not to fuss as they've watch me struggle with my jacket, hold my arm against my stomach and type onehanded, but I might have to admit there's a problem - DH had to cut up my dinner!

Still can't believe it can be that bad though, it didn't keep me awake last night, so I'm hardly in agony.

If I do concede defeat and go to A&E does it matter if I leave it till the morning? I can get a train then, but will have to find someone to sit with DC while DH drives me if I go now. Don't really want to take the car out in these conditions if it can be avoided anyway

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