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Can anyone help please

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EarthMotherImNot Tue 30-Nov-10 08:02:29

Got into bed last night and felt a searing pain in my upper back, bottom of my shoulder blade area.

After the most uncomfortable painful night it's still there but has spread to my underarm and breast area(right side)

It's so painful I'm in tears, thank god Dh was able to be there for the babies as there is no way I can lift them up.

I've taken a couple of Cuprofen about an hour ago but it hasn't helped.

Any ideas please?

EarthMotherImNot Tue 30-Nov-10 08:21:25

Anyone? Please!

takingchances Tue 30-Nov-10 08:27:48

Could be a trapped nerve...does it get worse with certain movements or when you lie or sit a different way?

I would advise GP for strange pains in underarms/breasts just to be on the safe side

EarthMotherImNot Tue 30-Nov-10 08:31:11

It gets worse with any movement, seems slightly better if I hold my arm across my chest.

I'm worried about attempting to get to GP's as we have about a foot of snow at the moment.

takingchances Tue 30-Nov-10 09:06:58

Could you phone NHS direct? 0845 46 47

GreenPartridge Tue 30-Nov-10 12:20:38

Hi, it sounds like it could be a spinal joint problem with the rib joints affected to, hence the pain around to the underarm and breast. I am a chiropractor here and we often see this sort of thing and it can respond well to care. To find a local chiro try the BCA. In the meantime an covered ice pack 10-15 minutes every hour or two can help bring down the inflammation. Good luck.

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