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Children and dentists- need to have work done ,experiences please

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doley Tue 30-Nov-10 03:18:08

My youngest son was born without enamel on his back teeth

At the moment we live in the US ,we have been very well taken care of at our local Children's dentist.

There is no doubt the Americans handle this problem well ,DS has no idea he has even had an injection in his mouth !
They use flavoured numbing gel ,gas etc ...all has gone very smoothly .

We will be returning to the UK in about a year ,I am worried sick that that the dentist will turn in to a scary experience for him.

My son is very compliant ,but if he even gets a sniff of what is going on ,I fear he will be terrified !!!!!!

Although I know ,all cases and areas are individual ,I just have no idea how kids are treated by your average dentist ?

Is this a case of needing to go private,or a specialist ?

Has anyone had a child who has needed regular work /capping etc ?

I am guessing most areas have children's dentists ...don't they lol

BTW,I have googled and ended up with very little .

NoelEdmondshair Tue 30-Nov-10 11:16:56

You don't need a children's dentist just a kind and patient one. When you get back to the UK try to find NHS dentists who are taking on new patients and who say they treat nervous patients. Then have a chat with the dentist and see if s/he has a kind and patient manner (if s/he's not willing to speak to you on the phone or in person then s/he isn't the one for your child!).

My DD (6) has enamel missing from some of her milk teeth and had a couple of fillings and was totally unfazed by gel and injection (no gas used). Our dentist is so patient and gentle that DD enjoys going there - times have changed since the dentists of my school days smile

doley Tue 30-Nov-10 14:32:44

Thank you NoelEdmondshair -love the name BTW

I am glad to hear they at least have the gel in the UK !

Perhaps I was remembering my trips to the dentist as a child back in the 70s/80s lol !

It is hard for me as I have taken such good care of my children's teeth (as I am sure have you ).

DD2 has something ? on her tooth now too

My eldset has not had any problems at all ,so just bad luck for the little ones ...

Elibean Tue 30-Nov-10 14:52:19

dd1 has weak enamel and had to have teeth capped etc at the age of 5 sad, I do understand the anxiety.

Whereabouts are you moving to? If you're in S London, or W London (long shot I know) we have a very good children's dentist in the area, am happy to give you more info.

I do think its been handled even better in the US than the private paediatric dentists do here - sounds wonderful!

doley Tue 30-Nov-10 15:37:44

Thank you ,Elibean

Actually we are moving back to the UK next year ,and to Dorset ...BUT the good news is I am originally from Putney /Wimbledon area -I would be happy to make the trip as my Mum is still there

If you could share at some point in a PM that dentist I would be very grateful .

I am sorry about your little one too ...

My little girl is petrified of anyone in scrubs (worn everywhere here )
It is very difficult to get her to even open her mouth

I am very nervous of having to go down the GA route .

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