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CaroJo Mon 29-Nov-10 23:42:30

To make it brief. My DP farts. All the time. Loud trumping farts. All day long. Even in his sleep. Everything he eats seems to cause it. Some things more than others. He's been to see the doctor about it before but all he said was that some people fart more than others.

It's making me question our relationship because I can no longer fancy him. All I associate with him is FART.

Has anyone got any idea what it could be? Is it possible that this is actually normal?

Smash09 Tue 30-Nov-10 00:38:50

Sorry to hear about this. Nightmare. Excessive flatulence is generally a result of incomplete digestion of various different nutrients, which means that bacteria in the colon digest them and release lots of carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

The most common thing to cause this is carbohydrate that is resistant to our own digestive enzymes - or in other words, soluble fibre. Insoluble fibre doesn't tend to cause as much wind because it is also hard for the bacteria to digest. Soluble fibres are present in high quantities in white bread, rice, beans, many fruits and vegetables. There is a product called beano which aids in digestion of these fibres and reduces wind caused by them.

Proteins and fats less commonly are poorly digested and lead to (smellier) gas. Incomplete breakdown is usually down to lack of chewing, or lack of acid in the stomach. Taking a bit of cider vinegar and a health food enzyme might help.

Large amounts of the unhealthier bacteria in the gut might give rise to more gas, so a probiotic such as acidophilus might be worth a go.

Fast eating and drinking makes you swallow more air so if your dh slows down it might help a bit.

Bit of trial and error needed, but I hope you find something that helps x

HonestyBox Tue 30-Nov-10 18:46:14

I had bad wind and have managed to make it about 90% better with a few changes I made based on how I was feeling after eating. I have cut out wheat where I can and now notice a flare up in bloating and wind if I do eat wheat. I have started eating porridge for breakfast instead of weetabix or toast and this seems to have made a huge improvement, and my stomach seems flatter throughout the day. Have also tried to stop eating late at night and trying not to eat meals that are too big.

When I was at my worst I had some of those actimel things and that also seemed to help.

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