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Bad headache for a week now - what could it be?

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boredwithfoodprob Sun 28-Nov-10 15:16:48

Bit worried so wondered if anyone had any experience of this. My sister's bf went to GP on Friday as he had been suffering for all day long bad headaches for a week. GP sent him off to A&E for tests that evening. They gave him an MRI scan and took lots of blood for tests so are obviously taking it seriously. He gets the results next week. He has no other symptoms. So what, apart from scary things like a tumour (which I would imagine would present itself with other symptoms) could this be? What else would they be testing for? My sister has been in tears today so would be great if I could reassure her..... Thanks in advance x

readywithwellies Sun 28-Nov-10 18:40:53

Oh, sounds stressful!

Has he had his eyes tested? This was my problem.

ilovehens Sun 28-Nov-10 19:12:00

My really bad headaches turned out to be sinus pain. It was agonising and at one point I coudn't see properly - eyes went all weird and I thought I was going to have a stroke or something. I'm on steroid nasal spray now and haven't had any pain for about three weeks.

Even trivial things can feel really bad sometimes.

I hope your sister's bf is okay and they sort out what's wrong.

boredwithfoodprob Sun 28-Nov-10 19:41:21

Thanks so much for replying you two. No I don't think he has had his eyes tested so that's an option. The sinus thing also sounds like an option too - sounds very painful! Thanks for reassurance smile

janpa Mon 29-Nov-10 20:52:03

Also, get him to go to the dentist. I remember, as a child, having terrible headaches and it was because I'd had a filling but he'd not cleaned out the surface of the tooth thoroughly enough first, so there was decay under the filling. Once it was sorted the headaches disappeared.

GreenPartridge Tue 30-Nov-10 11:46:50

One of the commonest causes of headaches is a neck problem. The joints and muscles at the back of the neck can tighten up and refer pain into the head - often quite badly.
As a chiropractor I often see this and it can respond well in a few visits. For more info go here and for your nearest chiro go to

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