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Period from hell is there anything that will help it

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paulinefouler Sat 27-Nov-10 11:04:43

It is usually very light but it started yesterday and is awful.
Is there anything I can do/take to make it less heavy?
I am in a total mess and feel like shit and have loads to do .
Sympathy please.

arfasleep Sat 27-Nov-10 11:08:19

Think taking ibuprofen helps reduce swelling, I usually take paracetamol for pain relief but if esp heavy take ibufrofen too. Try and get feet up as much as poss, not easy if you have loads to do, I know.

paulinefouler Sat 27-Nov-10 11:11:27

Thanks have taken some painkillers but am BF aswell so don't want to take too much.
DP will be back soon so hopefull will be able to have a bath and chill out.
I am never let my period mess my day up but this one is shocking.

doozle Sat 27-Nov-10 11:12:51

Ibuprofen should reduce the flow as well as deal with the pain.

fortyplus Sat 27-Nov-10 11:14:48

Aspirin based painkillers increase the flow because they thin your blood. Isn't Ibuprofen aspirin based?

doozle Sat 27-Nov-10 11:19:02

Don't think they are aspirin based?

This is from NHS website on heavy periods

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are also used to treat menorrhagia as a second choice of treatment if LNG-IUS is not appropriate. NSAIDs have been shown to reduce blood loss by 20-49%, and are taken in tablet form from the start of your period (or just before) and for the duration of bleeding, until it has stopped. As with tranexamic acid, treatment should be stopped if your symptoms have not improved within three months.

The NSAIDs that are recommended as a treatment for menorrhagia are mefenamic acid (500mg three times daily), naproxen (500mg as the first dose, then 250mg every six to eight hours), and ibuprofen (400mg three or four times daily).

NSAIDs work by reducing your body's production of a hormone-like substance, called prostaglandin, which is linked to heavy periods. NSAIDs are also painkillers but they are not a form of contraceptive. However, if necessary, they can be used in conjunction with the combined oral contraceptive pill (see below).

Common side effects include indigestion and diarrhoea.

NSAIDs can be used for an indefinite number of menstrual cycles, as long as they are relieving symptoms of heavy blood loss and are not causing significant adverse side effects. However, if NSAIDs are found to be ineffective, treatment should be stopped after three months.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 27-Nov-10 11:22:34

shock I never knew that. Very helpful info

catinthehat2 Sat 27-Nov-10 11:32:18

I read that a few weeks ago and founbd that ibuprofen made a dramatic difference for me. Thought it was only a pain killer but it significantly reduced flow

doozle Sat 27-Nov-10 11:37:34

A word of warning though. If you take certain anti-depressants, you shouldn't take ibruprofen as well. It can increase the chance of a haemorrhage.

fortyplus Sat 27-Nov-10 11:42:35

If the heavy flow interferes with normal life then your GP may prescribe Tranexamic Acid which is a clotting agent. But that's not going to help for today! I don't know whether you can take it when breast feeding though.

paulinefouler Sat 27-Nov-10 11:47:00

Thanks all you have all been really helpful.
I'm not sure what the painkillers were dp fetched them me up this morning (I know they are safe for bf but have forgot the name).
The flow is still heavy but have managed to clean the bathroom and potter around a bit.
Forty this is really unusual for me but I am concerned now because my next period is due Christmas Eve so if I feel like this xmas day and boxing day it is going to be a bit of a washout .

mumbar Sat 27-Nov-10 11:56:28

Someone told me beer reduces the flow too. Worth a try grin

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