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mummy2t Sat 27-Nov-10 08:01:42

Hi all, my son has over night developed a rash on his arms and legs that looks exactly like a nettle sting rash? very itchy too. what can it be?????? havent changed any soaps or washing powders etc etc


Igglybuff Sat 27-Nov-10 08:34:31

Does it disappear when you press a glass to it?

It could be heat rash - has he been extra wrapped up in the cold and sweated as a result?

mummy2t Sat 27-Nov-10 11:14:59

didnt do the glass test as it defo isnt that type of rash, just all raised nettle sting bumps. has gone this morning but was really quite bad last night. could be heat but he wasnt wrapped up and was wearing roomy cotton pjs. will keep an eye on him

alypaly Sun 28-Nov-10 00:18:09

probably urticaria which can be brouht on by extremes of temperature

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