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Don't think this is serious, but what if it is?

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sims2fan Thu 25-Nov-10 17:11:08

Just want a bit of reassurance really.

Bit of background, I have a heart condition that causes my heart to have extra beats. When this happens I feel it as palpitations. These used to happen all the time, and really affected my quality of life as I couldn't sleep because of them and just worried every time they occurred. I am now on medication, so they are much, much better. Still happen sometimes, but not the thudding sensation I used to feel. Doctors don't think they are really anything to wory about, and don't think my heart is any weaker than anyone else's of my age (28).

Anyway, I do sometimes get little pains in my chest. Generally I think this is trapped wind, and I usually get a pain in my chest then have a burp! Yesterday morning I woke up and felt a pain in the left side of my chest. Not a bad pain, just a sudden dull ache that lasted for a second then went. They kept happening throughout yesterday, and are still happening today, perhaps even a bit more frequent today. I hav one, then a few minutes later there is another one. I am pretty sure this is wind, because practically everytime I have a pain, a second or 2 later I feel a burp come on. However, I am a bit worried that perhaps I'm just forcing myself to burp to be able to explain it as wind? I have been burping all day! Sorry for TMI but sometimes quite big belches! Luckily I am alone at home! Does this sound normal?

Obviously with my heart thing I am always a bit concerned about my heart anyway, so think I am getting a bit panicky because of the pains and thinking about it too much, whereas if another part of my body had periodic little aches I probably wouldn't think too much of it! I just wondered if maybe I should go to A and E to put my mind at rest. But I am quite sure that it is trapped wind so don't want to take up doctors' time, or for them to tell me I'm being silly! But is it normal to have so much wind? Because honestly, I must have burped about 20 times while writing this, and quite a few times have had a little chest pain too.

Also, I have never been to A and E (that I can remember, think I was taken as a toddler), and don't really want to start now. Plus, if I decided to go presumably I'd have to take my top off, and so would have to shave my armpits before leaving the house!! Lol. Also, it is snowing here, I don't drive, my husband doesn't finish until late, and the hospital is 2 bus rides away. I just want to stay at home in the warm and watch a DVD. Will someone please tell me that I have trapped wind and to stop being silly and worrying that my heart is about to give out?!!

lilyliz Thu 25-Nov-10 18:32:43

go and see your GP,they should be able to do a quick check ECG and refer you on if need be but do not leave this,don't want to worry you might be nothing but better safe than sorry.Let us know how you get on and good luck.

lisad123isgoingcrazy Thu 25-Nov-10 18:40:13

I have an ongoing heart condition too which means my heart rate runs quick &palpatations are standard.I started to get chest pains the other week, but I have had a bad cough for weeks and turns out i pulled chest muscles blush
However, they also discovered I now have irreular heart rhythems so now have to see my cardio doc again.

It could be something, it could be nothing but only way to know is to see a doctor. They wouldnever feel you were wasting time coming to see them about chest pains.
Better to be safe and take care of your health than find things too late imo


sims2fan Thu 25-Nov-10 21:29:29

Hmmm, not really what I wanted to hear! Lol. Thanks anyway. My husband thinks I'm making a bit of a fuss over nothing, and is probably right. Will see how I feel in the morning. Am still burping every minute or so, usually with a pain to go with it! Sometimes I go a few minutes without a pain and I start thinking, why am I being silly, I'm fine, then I suddenly get another and panic again!

lisad123isgoingcrazy Thu 25-Nov-10 21:38:36

have you had any tests in the past?

sims2fan Thu 25-Nov-10 23:41:36

Lots of tests Lisa. Heart monitors, ECGs, 'bubble' test, etc. Doctors think my heart is 'normal' but does have extra beats. Which I suppose worries me less than too few beats!

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