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Am not expecting you to diagnose me but

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Bloodyknackered Wed 24-Nov-10 20:35:12

is this normal or do I need to push Doc to sort me out?
Have been seeing Doctor as have been getting night sweats since ds was born, thought it was cos I was breastfeeding but he has been ff for at least 6 months now.
Also fairly recently have been needing to wee alot like loads during the day and also at least once or twice sometimes more during the night. Though have always had a fairly crap bladder so might be normal for me? Also (sorry for crap writing) over last couple of months have been getting v v tired. Now my ds is very very active and a reasonably good sleeper so am chasing after him all day but should be sleeping at night even though am awake a couple of times cos of sweating and/or wees. I am falling asleep n sofa every night after dinner and am struggling now to get through the day. Am getting very stroppy with my Son sometimes as just cannot cope with him scampering off all the time (I know Im horrible)
Have just had a cold, dont even feel ill anymore but am completely drained. My body felt so heavy today and I am so so tired. Its just getting worse. Am I just normal Mum tired though or is this something else? I wouldnt normally feel this wiped out after a cold would I? Sorry for rambling am just so exhausted and dunno if im being pathetic or not. Thank you for listening.

needafootmassage Wed 24-Nov-10 20:39:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bloodyknackered Wed 24-Nov-10 20:52:59

Sorry forgot to say that have had a blood test and my crp level was up slightly but not enough for doc to worry and did 24 wee test which has come back clear and am going to an endocrinologist sp? in January re the night sweats. havent really spoken to doc bout tiredness as think im probably being a bit daft? All they're going to do is tell me evrrything was clear and nothing wrong arent they?

MmeLindt Wed 24-Nov-10 20:56:41

Needing to wee lots is a symptom of diabetes. As is irritability.

Not sure about the night sweats.

Go back to doc and ask for more tests.

MarineIguana Wed 24-Nov-10 20:58:34

Thyroid? But yes keep pushing.

MmeLindt Wed 24-Nov-10 20:58:39

Sorry, realised after I pressed post that my answer was a bit abrupt.

It could be something completely different, but I know that was the things that my Dad noticed.

Don't let the doc fob you off. At the very least you must be exhausted cause you are not getting a good nights sleep if you are up to the loo half the night.

Bloodyknackered Wed 24-Nov-10 21:01:30

Thank you for your answers. Will call doc tomorrow. Think my thyroid was checked a while ago and was ok. I just think they've probably checked everything and they're not gonna be able to tell me whats causing this.

AnyoneforTurps Thu 25-Nov-10 01:05:57

Sorry to hear you're feeling so low but TBH, I cannot see what else your GP can do. It sounds as if s/he has done all the tests available in general practice and - as these haven't come up with the diagnosis - has referred you to an endocrinologist.

You are <b> not </b> being fobbed off as MmeLindt - that's very unfair hmm - it sounds as if your GP is taking your symptoms seriously and doing everything s/he can to investigate you.

blinks Thu 25-Nov-10 01:14:57

night sweats can also be sign of diabetes.

santasbluebaubles Thu 25-Nov-10 10:55:51

My first thought was thyroid. A thyroid test is just blood test so definitely worth mentioning to your doctor.

Your symptoms could also relate to diabetes but that should have shown up in your wee.

Hope the GP is more helpful this time.

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