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Sterilisation (not bottles!) - any advice please

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Finbar Fri 22-Aug-03 07:48:58

This may seem a bit of an odd subject for a Mums site - but I know all you Mumsnetters have a whole wealth of experience on all sorts of matters , so here goes...

A friend has just told me that she is going to be sterilised - she has seen all the relevant hospital doctors and they have given her the go ahead.

Can anyone give me an idea as to what support and help she might need , I'd like to be an understanding and helpful friend and any pointers you can give wold be really appreciated.


badjelly Fri 22-Aug-03 09:52:15

No direct experience of this but my Aunty was sterilised last summer - I think all the support she wanted was with stuff like the housework and shopping for a few days. Psychologically she was fine as it was what she wanted for a long time.

mears Fri 22-Aug-03 10:03:02

Having been sterilised myself I had it preplanned that I was going to stay in bed for a couple of days surrounded by magazines and Ferrero Rocher chocolates

DH had them there for me when I got home. I was a bit tender for a couple of days and took 2 weeks off work (much to my manager's disgust) but I wanted to be sure I was OK before going back. To be honest I actually probably did not need as long off but it gave me more time with my dd who was 3 months old.

Probably your friend would appreciate you caring for her children while she rests if they are young. Basically doing housework etc. so she doesn't have to do anything for a few days. It is not a long recovery but it is nice to be pampered.

alibubbles Fri 22-Aug-03 10:39:42

I was sterilised a long time ago under a general, but it can be done under a local with no problems. I wanted it done under a local the 2nd time but wasn't allowed in case they had to remove my tubes. I know a few girls who have had it done under local, in the day surgery unit, in and out in 4 hours!

The firstI had two children under 18 months and did not find it a problem at all, just took it easy for a couple of days.

The second time had it done on a friday and back looking after my minded babies and toddlers on the Monday, all 4 of them!

It really depends on how you react to a GA (can't spell anaesthetic!)

lou33 Fri 22-Aug-03 10:43:45

I was sterilised too in Dec 2001. I'd just echo what everyone else has said, just help with the practical stuff for a couple of days. It doesn't take long to recover. If she is having this done from her choice then I doubt there will be any emotional repercussions,I felt liberated!

Loobie Fri 22-Aug-03 14:24:13

Alibubbles can i be nosy and ask why you had it done twice?

alibubbles Fri 22-Aug-03 14:36:38

Loobie, I had it done twice because it failed after 14 weeks. Apparently it is most likely to fail if you have it done within a year of giving birth, they didn't tell me that when my son was only 6 months old.

Like Lou33, I felt very liberated and relieved at not having to think about contraception. The best thing I ever did, even if I had to have it done twice!

I think it was unfortunate but it also happened to a friend who was in her 40's with teenage sons, we had the same surgeon. The surgeon was early retired!

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