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chesty cough for over a week in 6m old?

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mrspickles Tue 23-Nov-10 14:35:16

Hi, dd2 has awful chesty cough and cold, hasn't wanted solids for last 2 days (only started weaning 3 weeks ago though), still drinking milk from me, but crying a lot in night as cough wakes her and too bunged up to feed properly. No temp though so am guessing is probably just a prolonged cold.

Last time I took her to the dr with a bad cough he seemed to imply I was a neurotic first mum, saying how easy it was for first time mums to want to take their babies to the dr for every small thing (err, no, she is actually a neglected second child!)... I'd wanted her checked just to check it wasn't a chest infection as had been going on a while..... so am reluctant to take her again this time.

Is there anything I can do/give her? She co-sleeps with me so can't raise head of cot, and we don't have a shower so can't put her in steamy bathroom (have had her in there when having hot bath but doesn't get v steamy as we have ancient boiler that doesn't produce much hot water). Any other tips? Thanks

sapphireblue Tue 23-Nov-10 15:34:55

In terms of unblocking her nose, try some saline drops and a nasal aspirator....I have this one which I bought from my local chemist. It works really well, but it may need one person to hold her still whilst the other one sucks!

I also put some olbas oil or karvol onto a muslin and leave it near my DDs head.....either tie it to the cot bars or put it under the sheet. If you have radiators on, put a bowl of water helps to keep the air moist.

I hope she gets better DD2 is 9mo and seems to have had a cough/cold permamently for the last 6 weeks.

mrspickles Tue 23-Nov-10 22:31:28

thanks sapphire, I actually have one of those nasal aspirator things but had completely forgotton (had with DD1), have dug it out and am sterilising it! Also hadn't thought of olbas oil.... just put some under the pillow. Its so awful when they are snivelling away isn't it|! Is your DD2 off food too? Got my DD2 to take about 2 spoons of her favourite ella's kitchen puree today, that was it! She was drinking from me literally all night last night, am knackered with all the extra milk production!

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