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Do you recognise this skin condition?

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Dumbledoresgirl Tue 23-Nov-10 09:52:34

I have a problem with the skin on my hand. I had it last winter too, and mostly dealt with it with moisturiser, but it has come back again in the last few days and seems worse than before and is not getting better with moisturiser.

Basically, the skin looks very dry and wrinkled and is irritated by being in water. Sometimes there is a little red rash. It can be itchy in a painful sort of way, though most of the time it just feels dry and I lack sensation through the skin affected.

I would willingly go to the GP about it, but I can't at the moment as I have my dd off school sick and I can't leave her. But I have various creams around the house (eg hydrocortisone, vaseline, E45, fucidin) and I was thinking maybe one of you could tell me what I have and which cream would be best for it so I can get some relief today.

Thanks. smile

fanofpeamum Tue 23-Nov-10 09:57:05

I think it might just be a kind of excema brought on by the colder weather. DH gets something just like that, only ever in the winter, and my numerous skin troubles are always worse in the winter too. I'd try putting cream (E45 or Vaseline) on diligently (i.e. several times a day) for a while and see if that sorts it.

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