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How long should I keep my son awake following a blow to the head?

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bouncy Thu 21-Aug-03 21:19:09

My DS aged 3 banged the back of his head, he was sitting on the stairs refusing to go to bed, threw his head back in a strop and banged it. This was about 8.45 pm, it wasn't hard enough for me to go to the hospital, but I have heard about keeping them awake following a bang to the head. Anyone know how long this is for. Thanks

twiglett Thu 21-Aug-03 21:23:17

message withdrawn

aloha Thu 21-Aug-03 21:25:00

If they haven't lost consciousness or fallen from a high building or had any of the symptoms Twiglett mentions, then I wouldn't think twice about a bang on the head. You must be an amazing mum if your ds hasn't banged his head harder than this! My ds falls over all the time

bouncy Thu 21-Aug-03 21:29:19

Thanks, he does bang his head a lot, but this was at the back of the head, where I know it is softer.

bouncy Thu 21-Aug-03 21:29:23

Thanks, he does bang his head a lot, but this was at the back of the head, where I know it is softer.

bouncy Thu 21-Aug-03 21:29:32

Thanks, he does bang his head a lot, but this was at the back of the head, where I know it is softer.

Jimjams Thu 21-Aug-03 22:19:59

I think the really dodgy place to bang it is on the side.

A friend's daughter banged her head then threw up. They went to A and E who checked her over said she was fine and told her to let her sleep but check that they could wake her up every hour or so for the first few hours. Having said that I can't wake ds1 when he hasn't banged his head- he sleeps so deeply, but you will know whether this would work for your child.

Loobie Fri 22-Aug-03 14:20:58

the new advice now is just to let them go to sleep as normal but check on them every hour to make sure they are easily woken,you will know your own child and how easily they awaken,if they seem out of the norm then get help for them.also if they lose consciousness,vomit or seem disoriented for any time then i would also get help ,keep an ye on him for 24 hrs after banging his head for any of this symptoms.Have twice had to deal with it,once when ds ran into a fence pole,got home,sat on a chair and promply slid off it onto the floor,totally unconscious,and the second time he feel from a top bunk-he was7 at the time and 2 hours later woke up not knowing where he was or who i was-really scary.

zebra Fri 22-Aug-03 14:48:59

Somewhere I heard 4 hours, but must confess I go by an hour. If they don't have any of the bad reactions within one hour, I don't worry.

Jenie Fri 22-Aug-03 15:05:59

I'm a bit of a regular at A&E (on a first name basis with a few nurses)so I'd say the same as everyone else about 1hr for going to sleep but make sure that you can get some response whilst he's asleep. ie give his foot a tickle and see if he moves it away, you don't have to wake him up just make sure his reactions are fine.

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