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Postnatal umbilical hernia

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Haggisfish Wed 17-Nov-10 22:26:24

Hello everyone
I had a baby four months ago by emcs, and it turns out I have a small umbilical hernia, caused by pregnancy!
My previously innie tummy button is now a slightly bulging outy, that I can pop in and out in a slightly odd fashion.
Has anyone else had one of these?
My GP just said it was one of those things, but if it ever became hard and rigid and I was vomiting, to go to A&E. I was ok about it until I thought, surely the smaller the hole (ie my tummy button), the more likely something is to get stuck in it?!
Any reassurance and stories of people having them forever much appreciated! I also have an anal fissure and pretty awful piles. the glamour of motherhood - no-one mentioned bloody hernias beforeI got pregnant!!

nextafternursing Thu 18-Nov-10 05:43:13

I developed one while I was pregnant, had quite a bit of pain with it at the time.

But no trouble since, that I can remember at least. I think you can ask for surgery to fix it if it's causing you problems but this may be best to wait until you have finished having babies- unless you get acute symptoms as the doctor has already advised.

SonicMiddleAge Thu 18-Nov-10 05:54:18

I had one of these (actually 3) so they sent me for an ultrasound, and decided that given the extent of the damage surgery was required (although as next said they wanted to discuss if I planned any other babies before operating) Surgery wasn't fun, but not too bad, (way less impact than a CS). What is important though the consultant said is the hernia itself shows you have a structual weakness in the area, so you need to consider this ab exercises (esp e.g. sit ups) so would suggest before you do any post baby exercise regime, you go to a gym and schedule at least one session with someone who can advise you here, so you don't make things worse.

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