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Mirena seemed to go well

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snowmash Wed 17-Nov-10 19:35:03

In fact the two people in the room seemed most surprised that I didn't even make a noise when they put it in, as I have no kids pv hmm (having it put in didn't hurt - it only cramped a bit after).

I have to say the worst part of the process was necking the 3g of amoxicillin (as they only had the sachets in).

I am crampy now, but nowhere near the sweating/constant cramp bad enough to pass out (and actually causing passing out) that I get during periods.

Now all I need to hope is that this actually helps with the fainting/pain/heavy periods.

Earthdog Wed 17-Nov-10 22:15:28

Good luck with it working for you. My nurse REALLY pushed for me to have Mirena; when I said I preferred Implanon she was really downing the Implanon and talking up the Mirena- I even got shown a little model of it! Even when I said that as my relationship was on the rocks so there was probably no point, she STILL wanted me to have it! It is reassuring that yours did not hurt as that was putting me off (I don't have children) but I have decided to stick with Cerazette for now as it has stopped my cycle which is great.

whomovedmychocolate Wed 17-Nov-10 22:21:15

Yes I had no problems getting it in. In fact when mine was checked, I coughed and mine shot out. So I didn't have another one.

snowmash Wed 17-Nov-10 23:23:31

That's good for you Earthdog - Cerazette did nothing for me unfortunately. I wouldn't go for implanon or mirena if something else helped my monthlies (as that's why I've had it). Weirdly, the thought of implanon made me shudder - definitely different strokes.

I just wanted to post a postive post about having it done, because I know how I'd been told it was harder if you hadn't had kids pv, and even my GP had talked about it being painful.

whomovedmychocolate : sitting here with my legs crossed now... ;)

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