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How long should a cut take to heal?

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EnnisDelMar Wed 17-Nov-10 18:53:28

Just checking, probably nothing to worry about - but I bashed my thumb with a hammer over a week ago, which split the end of the thumb.

It bled a bit but not much tbh considering it was pretty deep.

The bit of skin on the top obviously died and came off bit by bit, so there's a missing piece, that's Ok - but in the middle is a deeper cut, that's very small and doesn't appear to be closing up.
It's very sore to touch and throbs sometimes but the skin around it isn't red or swollen. It just looks like a small red cut.

Should I be doing something with it - I kept a dressing on it for the first few days as it was so painful, but since then it is bearable and has been open to the air.

Just wondered if it ought to have healed by now?


RuthChan Wed 17-Nov-10 18:58:34

I find that cuts take much longer to heal the older I get.
If it was so deep and in a place such as the end of your thumb, I'm not surprised if it hasn't healed properly yet.
Is there a chance it could be slightly infected? If so, you could try applying some antiseptic cream which might help sort that out.
Otherwise, just keep it clean and dry and it'll heal eventually.

EnnisDelMar Wed 17-Nov-10 19:00:44

Thankyou, Ruth, that's very reassuring. I am getting on a bit now!! smile

I don't think it's infected as such, but it keeps getting things in it like water etc and maybe that's what's stinging.

I'll put some homeopathic stuff on it - it's all we have in! and see what happens...

cheers x

pippop1 Thu 18-Nov-10 00:26:11

You could show your pharmacist and see what they suggest.

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