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Quick cures for sciatica?

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MrsMeow Wed 17-Nov-10 18:32:16

I kicked mine off again at the weekend, playing with DS and it's absolutely killing me, to the point where it's hard to put any weight at all on the one leg.

I'm supposed to be going on a shopping trip on Saturday but really can't bear the thought of having to walk around all day! I've tried putting a hot water bottle under my bum, and am going to go for a hot bath later, but is there anything else I can do/take to ease it?

I can't take Ibuprofen or similar, but am open to any other suggestions! Thanks

Adversecamber Wed 17-Nov-10 22:49:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Miggsie Thu 18-Nov-10 09:40:51

No, there isn't really, it will come back due to the fact it is caused by postural problems.

I used to have a brilliant acupuncturist who got rid of the pain, but this was only temporary. then I used an Osteopath who reduced the symptoms a bit.

Then I did Alexander TEchnique and I haven't havd sciatica ssince then (over 5 years) and I was severe, both legs, reduced to crawling around, unable to work etc etc.

The only issue with Alexander technique was for the first 4 visits the sciatica was WORSE, then it got better, then it went.

ppeatfruit Thu 18-Nov-10 10:07:26

You could also look at yr diet ;if you cut out high acid foods; vinegar, alcohol, cafffeine, nicotine, oranges etc. some people find relief from sciatica type illnesses after doing this.

MrsMeow Thu 18-Nov-10 11:57:20

Thanks very much everyone. It's slightly better this morning after a hot bath about 10 hours lying down! I've realised that it's not too bad when I first get up, but getting in the car really twinges it and then it's a pain all day.

Miggsie, I just googled the Alexander Technique, it looks quite interesting. I suffer from a stiff neck/shoulders quite often too so will give it a go and see if it helps with that

ppeatfruit, I eat quite a bland diet already as I have a stomach ulcer (I'm quite a catch, aren't I? wink) but do drink a lot of coffee so will look at cutting down on that.

Adversecamber, I was thinking about a chiropractor. I know they're expensive but tbh I'm willing to pay if it gets rid of the sciatica! I started getting it when pregnant with DS 7 years ago, and it's been a nightmare since - although before this time I haven't actually had any sign for a good couple of months.

Thanks for your help everyone

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