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Anyone had a breast enlargement? (.)(.)

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006 Tue 20-Sep-05 18:13:06

My sister is booking a boob job. I suppose my gut feel is that you don't have surgery that you don't need. She is using me as her 'voice of reason' and I am not sure what to think. I wondered if anyone out there had had it done and what they thought of it?

Has anyone had breast surgery for purely cosmetic reasons?

Were you happy with the results? Did you use the BUPA group?

Did anything surprise you or were there any questions you wish you had got answers to before you went for it?

006 Wed 21-Sep-05 17:55:14

Is everyone too sensible? Or has this been done to death on other threads? I could not find any under health! Could they be under style???

jampots Wed 21-Sep-05 17:56:29

i personally wouldnt go under the knife unless it was absolutely necessary but i think a great many of these ops are carried out. My sis is curently looking at breast reduction but her tits are ENORMOUS

006 Wed 21-Sep-05 18:00:55

Spookily enough my other sister needs a reduction - so so much for genes! I myself, just need a 'lift'!

magnolia1 Wed 21-Sep-05 18:01:07

I would jump at the chance of a boob job

Just need to find the 3 or 4 grand first!!

Jackstini Wed 21-Sep-05 18:05:45

My Mum and my best friend both had a boob job for purely cosmetic reasons.
My friend is 6'3" so always stands out in a crowd and hated her AA chest being at eye level. She had a D cup but looks in proportion as she is so tall.
My Mum had a C-cup for her 50th birthday - just finally got the courage and money to go back to the size she was before she BF'd me my Sis!
I think you have to be pretty serious about wanting one to go through the pain - it is not a nice op. However, they are both still 100% for it and would not change a thing.

006 Wed 21-Sep-05 18:08:25

Hhhmmm...I do think it is drastic. I am more a chicken fillets in the wonder bra sort of girl.

aloha Wed 21-Sep-05 18:11:34

I've interviewed loads of women who have had breast augmentation (as the docs call it) and all of them were absolutely delighted with it. I would say it's not for me, and I'd never do it just to have bigger than average breasts, but some women were just miserable with totally and absolutely flat chests and some had very, very droopy, flat breasts. I thought the results were very variable - from great to not great, but all the women were happy. Quite painful at first though. I'd only choose a real specialist in breast ops personally - someone who had done lots of them. I'd want to see photos of his work and ideally talk to former patients.

006 Wed 21-Sep-05 18:20:10

She is planning to use the local BUPA hospital that has no emergency facilities, which I find worrying

mhorne Wed 21-Sep-05 21:23:52

Hi I am a plastic surgery nurse. Breast augment is a very successful op, far less major than a reduction! My concern with BUPA hospitals is that the nurses are expected to know about such a wide variety of post op regimes that things can go amiss.( No offence to them, they are still very skilled professionals) I have had many women referred to me from private hospitals with problems the private hospital can't deal with. Does your sister live near a plastic surgery regional unit? She might not get her sandwich served on a doily, but I can assure you she would get 1st class care. She will only be in hospital for a couple of days, and can still have a private room for a lot less money! The fact she is going through with it means she has obviously put alot of thought into it already. As long as she has done her research and found out everything she can about the surgeon then all I can say is go for it. I am sure she will feel like a new woman!

006 Thu 22-Sep-05 18:52:36

I think it is something that she has always wanted, but the offer of it as a Xmas gift has meant she is acting on a bit of a whim. We are in Kent and I believe East Grinstead is a bit of a specialist unit after the Guinea pigs (sp?) etc. I think she is assuming Bupa is reputable and leaving it at that. Not even sure of surgeon's name.

Thanks for your advice - much appreciated to get it from the horses mouth so to speak!

BadgerBadger Thu 22-Sep-05 22:35:58

I can totally understand wanting an enlargement.

Mine weren't great, but ok prior to my babies eating them.

I did feel more feminine whilst breastfeeding (a size or so larger than usual).

I consider it occasionally, but don't know if I'd actually go through with it. I'm a self defence instructor and I don't know how practical (safe) it would be right now.

Satine Thu 22-Sep-05 22:41:17

Blimey, from the sound of it, I think she ought to do some serious research. I once employed someone who had been a porter at the local (v expensive) private hospital and hetold some fairly hair-raising stories (apparently the nurses used to joke about booking ambulances to take patients to the local A & E when one particular surgeon was due to operate, and another was getting on and had been known to fall asleep mid operation). I really don't want to sound as though I'm scaremongering and I know plenty of these ops take place but I'd want all sorts of evidence of the surgeon's experience and ability!

masun Thu 19-Oct-17 10:38:41

My breasts seem bigger and have actually increased much in size. I hope boop pop helps for anyone looking for a very honest product.

Flyingprettycretonnecurtains Thu 19-Oct-17 17:37:56

Dunno anything about cosmetic breast surgery but East Grinstead is the dogs bollocks for plastic surgery. When there was a possibility of me having a mastectomy I looked into DIEP Flap recon and for our area it's all done by the plastic surgeons at East G. Spoke to a lady who had hers there and she said they were amazing.

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