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Which contraceptive pill is best with anxiety? Yasmin?

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BooBooGlass Wed 17-Nov-10 10:12:49

I'm about to go back on the pill after a more than 3 year break and want to get as many experiences as possible as my GP just hands out whichever pill he feels like ime.
I had to go through several pills that made me depressed before finding Yasmin that seemed to work really well. Since havign my son though I've had isues with anxiety that are now thankfully motly under control. What I don't want is to go on the pill and for it to exacerbate any problems.
So is Yasmin a good one to ask for? the only other one I can remeebr tryign and finding terrible was Cilest (sp?)

SparkleRat Wed 24-Nov-10 15:13:19

Watching with interest as I suffered from post natal anxiety and have recently come off Cileste as I felt it was making me worse.

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