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Ok to take antihistamine for a prolonged period?

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superdeeduper Tue 16-Nov-10 10:55:38

Would it be ok to take antihistamine continually over the winter months?

I am an asthmatic and seem to be more troubled during winter months due to, I think central heating/being indoors more. Over the weekend, I seemed to have an allergic episode but did not take antihistamine quickly enough with the result that I could not seem to get on top of my asthma. My chest was very sore the next day and was still wheezy despite taking my steroid inhaler and reliever.

I wondered if it would be a good idea to take antihistamine over the winter to avoid this and if this is ok to do. Its frustrating as I was able to significantly reduce my inhalers over the summer months (with the advice of my GP) however I am now back to full strength again. Even then, I can still feel a bit wheezy.

Any advice?

PixieOnaLeaf Tue 16-Nov-10 12:50:43

Message withdrawn

notapizzaeater Tue 16-Nov-10 12:52:07

DH also takes a zirtek type tablet every day .... and hes fine hmm

Seona1973 Tue 16-Nov-10 12:54:19

my dh takes anti-histamines all year round too

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