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Any GP's around? Just after an opinion on something

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NotShortImPomBearSized Mon 15-Nov-10 21:28:24

About 5 years ago I had an odd funny turn, didn't really know what it was, spoke to gp later who didn't seem too concerned.

Try to make this short!...I was putting some washing away when I thought I'd picked up a pair of socks went to put them away and realised I didn't have them in my hand. Tried to pick them up 3 more times and kept missing, vision went blurry, was off balance and when I got scared and rang other half my words were all coming out mixed up. After about 15/20mins I seemed fine again.

Only odd thing was/is ever since I have had an odd sensation on right hand side of face around my eye, feels all tight/slightly numb if that makes any sense confused

Anyway all GP said at the time was "if you were older I'd maybe suggest a stroke but you're far too young (was 24) so seeing as you're ok there's not much to worry about"

Although he did say to not go on normal pill if I ever wanted it, then go on mini pill instead.

Basically I just read something that linked TIA's and now I'm quite worried.

If you were my GP at the time would you have looked into it further and should I be worried at all?

Sorry for the massive post blush

Sidge Mon 15-Nov-10 21:33:16

I'm a practice nurse not a GP but it's entirely possible to have a TIA in your 20s. Babies can have strokes.

I think your GP should have investigated further if only to confirm what happened to you.

pantaloons Mon 15-Nov-10 21:38:43

Not gp, but I have migraine and they always start like this. At there worst the whole side of my face drops. Have you considered this? Although obviously, mine escalate too a HUGE headache as well, so maybe not?

Ilovemangoes Mon 15-Nov-10 21:43:21

I am a GP and I would have referred you for further investigations - in fact, I have referred someone with similar symptoms in the past, they saw a neurologist and had scans etc. I would go back and see your GP, especially as you have ongoing symptoms.

NotShortImPomBearSized Mon 15-Nov-10 22:06:36

Sidge & mangoes I will make an appointment with GP for this week, thank you for your advice/help smile

pantaloons Never had a migraine as far as I know and I'm pretty sure I don't remember having a headache after confused I get the occasional headache now but nothing unusual or migraine like. Thank you for your thoughts though smile

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