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Dental question re worn down teeth

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Frazzledmumwithsmudgedmascara Mon 15-Nov-10 16:22:04

Due to several years of me abusing my teeth by grinding them, and eating copious amounts of boiled sweets, my front lower teeth are all very worn down, and I'd like to have them sorted. I don't grind my teeth anymore (I always did it in the day as a habit, never at night) and am much more careful about which sweets I choose these days wink

Would I be able to just have them built up with white filling material like I've had done on a top front tooth that broke a few years ago? Or would I need to have each of them crowned? They're quite sensitive so hopefully if I tell the dentist this he will do them on the NHS for me.

Any advice would be very welcome, I'm very embarrassed about how they look and really want to get them sorted.

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