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pancreatitis due to gallstones

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summersun1 Sun 14-Nov-10 19:50:31

I'd be grateful if anyone who has had acute pancreatitis due to gallstones could share their experiences. I developed it a few weeks after my first baby (April) and had my gall bladder removed shortly after.The main aftercare advice I was given was to stick to a low fat diet which i'm sort of doing most of the time. Three months after my attack I had a few drinks with friends and experienced bad pain which lasted a few minutes. I didn't realise alcohol isn't advised after pancreatitis. My questions to you guys are:
Have a had another pregnancy since your attack and was everything ok? I'm a bit worried about a possible flare up. Have you had any mild pain/dull aches since? Do you stick to a low fat diet and avoid alcohol?

Reading the internet is very depressing and i'd love to hear some positive stories or at least know that I can carry on as normal. Thanks

AgentProvocateur Sun 14-Nov-10 20:44:56

Yeah, I had it about 15 years ago, and also got my gallbladder removed. I wasn't given any diet/alcohol advice, although if I have too rich or fatty a meal, I do feel slightly nauseous.

I've been absolutely fine since, with no pain or flare-ups, but I was quite ill for a long time after the op, so maybe your body is still settling down.

summersun1 Sun 14-Nov-10 20:50:41

Thanks so much for your reply!I've been really obsessed with reading things on the internet and have ended up in tears a few times. I feel so much better reading your post. Can I ask a quick couple of quick questions? Have you had another pregnancy since you had it and do you ever drink any alcohol now? Cheers again.

BeenBeta Sun 14-Nov-10 20:57:03

Had my gallbladder out 2 years ago.

I have to be very careful with alcohol.

White wine only, 3 standard glasses max and never in the evening. Gaviscon to deal with indigestion.

BeenBeta Sun 14-Nov-10 21:00:51

Low fat diet too.

To be fair my consultant did advise me to go easy on the booze and eat low fat meals. Also advised plenty of excercise.

Life is normalish now. I dont eat in the evening which also helps.

AgentProvocateur Sun 14-Nov-10 21:38:47

I've had no children since, but wasn't planning to have more!

I do drink alcohol now - share a bottle of red at least twice a week, and sometimes drink loads more if we're out for dinner.

I've always had a high tolerance for alcohol (I never get a hangover!) and this hasn't changed since my op.

Honestly, be sensible most of the time and you'll be fine. (And stop Googling wink)

Bearskinwoolies Sun 14-Nov-10 22:22:50

I have name changed but have posted here before.

I have had pancreatitis on and off for three years now; it was originally caused by having my gall bladder removed and a stray stone getting wedged in the common bile duct.

My pancreas has been permanently damaged and my enzyme levels sit just under the danger level for chronic pancreatitis.

I dont't drink, I daren't. The last time I tried I was very ill; major pain, vomiting and a feeding tube for a week sad

I manage my symptoms/illness on an ultra low fat diet- I average 10-15g of fat a day, maybe 20g on a bad day; and as long as I am sensible there are very few problems. I've not had a major problem for over a year smile

lisad123isgoingcrazy Sun 14-Nov-10 23:26:44

i did 3 weeks after having DD2. It was horrible. I get alot of trouble with IBS and other pains but never got to the bottom of it all. I have the odd glass of wine now and again but no more.
I find my pain is worse when im on my period.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 15-Nov-10 10:44:12

I had my gallbladder out following pancreatitis. It is the most horrific pain known to man or beast.
Since the removal, I've not had any other problems. I wasn't given any dietary or alcohol advice and still enjoy a bottle glass of wine.
I haven't had any more children either. One is enough for me.
FWIW, I would go back to either your GP or contact the consultant whose team did your surgery.

Elibean Mon 15-Nov-10 11:18:15

My mother recently had acute pancreatitis (do not compare with chronic - especially when googling!!) and is absolutely fine now.

She is in her 80s so obviously no more pregnancies grin but her specialist told her she could eat what she liked within reason. Just to sense what her body did/didn't approve of, iyswim. Her attack was last summer, and she has slowly re-introduced most things, including the odd glass of wine and occasional chocolate...

It does take time for your body to settle.

summersun1 Mon 15-Nov-10 19:17:21

Thanks everyone, I feel a lot better now. That's been the trouble Elibean, I always end up reading about chronic as they tend to bunch them together. It makes for depressing reading most of the time but I'm done with the googling now!
The slight tenderness has only come on in the last 2/3 weeks so i'll keep an eye on it. It's not painful but after the internet I'm paranoid. I'm wondering if carrying around my 8 month old has anything to do with it as he's quite a big boy.
Anyone else with any experiences to share?

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