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bleeding and sharp twinge after yoga pose now a bit scared??!

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21cookies Sun 14-Nov-10 01:39:18

hi there,
i had my little angel with an assited forcep delivery and episiotomy 5.5 months ago, have been exercising gently for the last two months and felt this pain before doing inner thigh floor exercises, but thought nothing of it. i did notice a little bleeding before but tonight after doing my youga dvd ther is bright red blood not a lot but it shouldn't be there, please can some one tell me anything it could be. oh and i have has stress incontinece ever since i got home from hospital (fab) .

Jojopumpkinmama Sun 14-Nov-10 07:37:21

Poor you! Definitely worth getting that checked out by a doctor but it sounds like your body might be taking a little longer to heal.

I was exactly the same - assisted forcep delivery and an episiotomy - and they sewed a little bit of tissue that was supposed to be on the inside, on the outside. So, it just took a little longer to heal (about six months I think).

As I say, get it checked by your GP to be on the safe side.

EnnisDelMar Sun 14-Nov-10 07:58:01

I would imagine you have just stretched a bit further than normal - I had ds2 3 and a half years ago, didn't have sex again till the other week (I had a second degree tear, all fine, all healed) and after sex I had a tiny bit of bleeding.

I think sometimes things heal a bit tighter than they were and just a bit of an adjustment.

I wouldn't worry too much. Have you seen a physio about the pelvic floor issues? They could give you some really good exercises, better than the usual ones I think.

Impressed at your doing yoga. I have never got round to it!

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