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White slimy discharge straight after period

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JennyJW Sat 13-Nov-10 16:31:56

Hi. Wasn't sure where to post this. My period finished Thursday and today Saturday I noticed a white slimy dischagre and a bit of period cramp. I've had this before but normaly later on after my period. Is this normal? Thanks.

GregoryPeck Sat 13-Nov-10 16:33:38

Funnily enough I noticed this too this month- I did think to myself 'oh i can't be ovulating, its only a few days since my period'

Am interested to see if anyone else has had this and worked out why.

takingchances Sat 13-Nov-10 22:14:39

I asked my gynae about this. It's early ovulation/pre-ovulation mucus (hate that word)

anonymosity Sat 13-Nov-10 23:21:24

Yes, ovulation. This is how I got pregnant right at the very end of my period thinking it was not possible...

JennyJW Sun 14-Nov-10 17:02:12

Thanks. Really greatful for your answers.

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