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Rachy91 Thu 11-Nov-10 17:57:06

This is going to sound really daft but Im 5 months pregnant and really worried about piles! ive never had them before, how do i know ive got them? confused
Any tips on how to get rid? Think im more worried about getting piles than giving birth!!
doesnt help that babys daddys book decribe 'anal armageddon' which to him sounds hilarious but to me sounds horrendous! help! x

sapphireblue Thu 11-Nov-10 19:29:39

If you want to know if you've got them, get a mirror and have a look smile

Chances are you will get them.....especially if you give birth vaginally. You can buy creams over the counter or from your GP though. They're really nothing to worry about.

coatgate Fri 12-Nov-10 11:22:34

I had a C-Section 11 years ago so escaped these. BUT had to go to Doc's yesterday as I have a had a sore arse for months and had convinced myself it was something terminal - turns out I have inflamed piles blush. Doc had to stick her finger up my backside. Hurt like hell. And the shame blush blush blush. But couldn't find anything else, so that was a relief. Now have suppositories and a cream. Not the end of the world though, and there are worse things. Good luck!

Rachy91 Fri 19-Nov-10 02:40:59

hahaha thanks guys ill keep an eye out lol x

Geminizc Fri 19-Nov-10 09:43:25

You have my sympathy hun, I have suffered with both pregnancies and had to have a hemorhoidectomy (sad)

If you are in mild discomfort Anusol cream & pessaries are safe in pregnancy. and can be bought over the counter, but some pharmacists are funny and wont sell to pg women. so may be send your other half to buy them.
If that doesn't help see your GP who will prescribe something stronger perhaps proctosydl ointment.

Take lactulose syrup to soften your bm's.

It also helps if you can raise your knees when emptying your bowels. Try putting a pack of loo rolls under your feet.

If the piles swell and come out lay down and use ice to reduce the swelling.

Hopefully you wont get them but if you do I hope this helps.


Rachy91 Sat 27-Nov-10 02:10:18

o the joys!! haha, the things they dont tell you but decide to spring on you once your pregnant and its to late haha

thanks for the advice ive got the loo roll stack at the ready! x

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