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Stupid foot injury just bruised or broken?

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maighdlin Mon 08-Nov-10 20:37:31

I have really banjaxed my foot. For some reason, i still can't quite figure out how the hell it happened, i sat down on a whirly computer chair with wheels and as i sat down on it one of the wheel ran over my foot. it really hurt and did for the rest of the day i could barely walk on it. i now have a big bruise approx 10cm x 3cm just below my toes on the top of the foot and it stings so much. Could i have broken it? I have never broken a bone before and im quite a big girl and my whole weight went down on the chair before i realised wtf had happened. do you think i should just leave it or go to a&e. its also quite swollen.

blushingm Mon 08-Nov-10 20:40:17

i'd pop to casualty - if it is broken a cast will make it feel so much better plus it would stop you wondering.

i broke the bones in my foot when i stumble on the stairs at a train station - was very very bruised and had a sort of stinging pain inside - very hard to describe

thirtysomething Mon 08-Nov-10 20:40:41

I would go to a and e or NHS walk-in/GP just to get it checked if you have someone to drive you?. Does sound like it might be broken but can't tell over the internet!!! They often just leave broken toes to mend anyway but it's definitely worth getting it looked at if it hurts that much. In the meantime does ice/nurofen help at all? Hope it's better soon.

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