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2 yo with tummy bug- when to go to the Dr?

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BooBooGlass Sun 07-Nov-10 20:18:35

Poor ds is 2.5 and has been quite poorly since last Wednesday night- he woke up with a nappy soaked full of runny, watery poo, and had been slightly sick.
He spent the next few days with a raging temperature and really lethargic, not like him at all. He seemed to have perked up a little yesterday, but today I have been changing his nappy every 30 minutes or so as even a little wind is enough to produce a nappy full of watery yellow poo.
He is still breastfed, though we have spent the last few weeks trying to cut right down, that's obviously gone to pop while he's been ill. He is drinking well, but not really eating very much. The nappies stink to high heaven and today his temperature is up again too. Do we just have to ride it out or is it time to go to the dr?

AandRMum Sun 07-Nov-10 21:00:14

Hi BooBooGlass I would give NHS direct a call to see what they say. I tend to hold out to the last moment to take my two to the doctors and always feel so stupid as by the time I get there they are generally on the mend and bounce around the surgery belying all my worrying. I find NHS direct brilliant as either they just remind you of the basics - ie keep them hydrated etc. - or give you the push to go see the GP. Hope he feels better soon.

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