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ENT refferal for swollen salivary (submandibular) gland

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SheWillBeLoved Wed 03-Nov-10 15:38:43

Fucking bricking it. It started about 4 months ago, maybe more? Finally went to my GP, she thought it was maybe a stone blocking the gland, or an infection. Put me on a week long course of Amoxicillin and once the course had finished the swelling did go down a lot and could barely be seen/felt. That was 2 months ago, and now this past week or so it has come back. Went back to my GP yesterday who has ordered a non fasting blood test on my thyroid, and has referred me to an ENT specialist.

I fucking hate Google. I've convinced myself it is the C word, as any more innocent explanations for it don't fit. For example, a simple stone blockage would make the swelling bigger when eating - I haven't noticed a difference, it always seems the once size. And some other lymph glands on that side of my neck are constantly swollen, not huge, but I can't feel them at all on the other side.

Everyone is telling me it's fine, nothing serious etc, I want to believe them, but part of me won't let myself.

I don't know why I even wrote this thread, I suppose to see if anybody has experienced this? I don't know anybody who has, which is why it's scaring me more.

RoseCampion Wed 03-Nov-10 15:53:48

My 18yr old daughter has had this on and off since she was four. She has had numerous ENT referrals the last one being two weeks ago.
Two years ago she has had a sialogram which is an x-ray of the salivary gland and ducts which was inconclusive. She has another booked for next week.

I'm not holding my breath that we will find out the cause,she has just learned to live with it even though it is sometimes quite painful.

Try not to worry I'm sure that like my daughter you won't have anything to worry about.

KurriPowderTreasonAndPlot Wed 03-Nov-10 15:54:48

My DH had a swollen salivary gland, like yours it would swell up, then calm down with AB's, in his case it was a stone. It didn't always swell on eating because the stone was travelling about in the gland and sometimes blocking the tube sometimes not. When it did swell it was a big swelling, and he kept getting infections when it blocked. AB's only ever calmed it, they never cured it.

He had it removed under GA, (although they can often be done under local). The stone when removed was only the size of a grain of rice but had caused a lot of bother.

Have you had a x-ray to look for a stone?

I'm obviously not an expert but, I think something like this is far more likely than cancer. Try to stay calm while you are waiting for your appointment (do you have a date for it yet?) and stay right away from You will always only read the worst possible explanations.

Good luck with your appointmentsmile

SheWillBeLoved Wed 03-Nov-10 16:06:24

Thanks for the replies, very reassuring both of them

I haven't had any tests on it yet Kurri - waiting for the ENT referral to see what they say. Got a blood test booked for the 10th.

My GP said that even if it turns out to be nothing, I could have it removed for cosmetic reasons, which I think I would do, it looks horrific. Like I have a double chin but only half way across my neck.

I don't think it is nothing though, I'm praying it is just stones. It's so bloody sore when it flares up, and I make it worse my constantly prodding it to see if it feels bigger.

twirlymum Wed 03-Nov-10 16:19:05

I had this for years as a child, following numerous ENT problems. It flares up when I'm run down or have an infection. I was referred to Guy's hospital, they felt the best treatment was no treatment. Uncomfortable at times, but I can put up with it.

Constance39 Wed 03-Nov-10 17:24:19

If it comes and goes it's unlikely to be cancer.

Cancer grows and keeps growing and antibiotics don't work on it.

You would have rapid continuous growth. IMHO

I hope it is just a stone. Keep posting if you find it helps x

deleting Sun 07-Nov-10 17:07:02

my dad and brother have both had lumps in their salivary glands removed. Think they were calcium deposits of something like that. Certainly nothing sinister.

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