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ww points allowance

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glitter Fri 15-Aug-03 12:10:12

can anyone give me some info on points allowance for the weight watchers programme.

Manfwood Fri 15-Aug-03 12:47:28


I dont know if you have done WW before but the points allowance depends on how much you weigh and how much you have to lose etc - generally the idea is to try and 'kick start' the diet by doing 18 points for the first couple of weeks then it getseasier. Have you looked on their website here although they dont tell you too much as obviously they want you to go to the classes!!

Good luck with your weight loss. I have done WW a few times and although have had to go back i know it works and is not restrictive like Atkins and the like.

Lindy Fri 15-Aug-03 12:53:44

Glitter - well done for starting WW.

I am a Gold member (but haven't stuck to it so am now 3 stone over weight - again !) - let me know what your specific questions are & I'll try & answer.

fio2 Wed 20-Aug-03 07:19:04

if you are between 10-12 stone its 20 points
12-14stone its 22 points
14-16stone its 24 points
16-18 stone its 26 points and so on

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