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Kudzu, anyone? MIFLAW, if you're about, questions, well just one really.

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fezsarecool Fri 29-Oct-10 15:10:10

I've heard good things about kudzu. That it helps reduce cravings for alcohol. It sounds like I could really make it work for me.

BUT, I'm breastfeeding. I plan to breastfeed for two years or til baby self weans.

Am trying hard to control my alcohol intake and am doing reasonably well but I'm just getting sick of the whole thing. It' taking up more of my thinking time every day than I'm prepared to devote to it anymore.

Not ready for AA, don't know if I will be any time soon.

Can you tell me what you know about use of kudzu, anyone? It would be much appreciated.

I'm currently going through the Brave Babes threads but am still on the first one. Have lurked for a while.

fezsarecool Fri 29-Oct-10 15:13:36

P.s Have been to meetings before so I am familiar with the set up.

fezsarecool Fri 29-Oct-10 15:33:06

shameless bump.

fezsarecool Fri 29-Oct-10 15:59:34

God, I'm pathetic!

purplebrickroad Fri 17-Jun-11 12:53:07

I would go for the sinclair method but I don't know how Naltrexone would affect breastfeeding.

You are not pathetic and don't even think that of yourself.


Milokirk Wed 19-Oct-11 00:27:55

You certainly are not pathetic, never say that. Well done for the control you've managed to exercise over your drinking, keep it up!

Don't waste your time reading, it's viciously biased anti-AA propaganda, and uses distortion of figures and out of context quotes. Have a look at rebuttal if you do read OPs.

AA has helped many people, it's there should you feel you need it.

hauntmenow Wed 19-Oct-11 17:52:49

Oh God don't get distracted by the anto AA links posted above. You've said AAs not for you for now, and I don't know anything about Kudzu.

Don't worry about reading all the Brave Babes threads there are so many.
Just jump in and say Hi- they- we are very friendly (then go back and read the threads)

hauntmenow Wed 19-Oct-11 17:53:25

anti not anto

hauntmenow Thu 20-Oct-11 09:59:37

Here we are

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