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Vulvar eczema

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ouchthatssore Thu 14-Oct-10 18:11:43

Bit personal hence the name change.

Does anyone know anything about vulvar eczema?

I've recently been diagnosed with this after a couple of years of having itchy and sore bits and slight tearing during sex (not much fun sad). Thought it was thrush at first but it is this apparently. I don't have eczema anywhere else and never have.

Unfortunately, they say there isn't really a treatment - I've been given an emulsifying ointment (bit like vaseline) to wash with, and a steroid cream for when it's really bad, but they don't seem to help much.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything that worked for eczema elsewhere on the body that I could try?

Don't really want to have broken lady bits for the rest of my life sad


blinks Thu 14-Oct-10 18:25:53

am clearly unashame-ed as can't be arsed name changing... i've got this too and i reckon baths and soap make it loads worse. i've tried the wash stuff and it's shite.

i think toilet paper might affect it also so maybe try bleach/chlorine free bog paper.

<blesses your lady bits>

ouchthatssore Thu 14-Oct-10 18:37:46

My lady bits thank you for the blessing!

Since you're so unashamed grin can I ask, do you have the painful sex thing (and if so what do you do about it?)

I don't have many baths (and never use bubble bath) and don't use soap. Thanks for the tip about toilet paper, will keep an eye out for the grubby looking unbleached stuff.

A few people have suggested giving up dairy, but I love dairy so much it's almost worth the eczema - is that something you've tried?

raindroprhyme Thu 14-Oct-10 18:49:07

wash with aquauos (sp) cream use like shower gel and lather it on at every opportunity. i occasional get a bit sore and dry reaction to washing powder and horseriding!
i have a large tub of aquauos cream by the bog rub a good dollop in every time i go to the toilet. don't use bog roll jug of water and muslin to blot dry then cream.


blinks Thu 14-Oct-10 18:52:08

yeah, when it's bad, sex can be sore... it's like the skin is thinner and tears slightly, if that makes sense... we've been trying lube to the max but not sure if it's helping.

it's a bugger.

ouchthatssore Thu 14-Oct-10 19:00:40

it is indeed blinks. Much sympathy.

yes, the tearing thing makes a lot of sense. I described it to the doctor (vulval dermatologist who I finally got to see after months of thrush diagnosis) as feeling like a "paper cut" and she said that was exactly what it looked like. Miserable really. I haven't found lube really helps much, but certain <ahem> positions are better, usually where my legs are closer together and so there is less stretching in that area.

raindrop thanks, I will try the cream as well as the wash since the wash does help me a bit. I'm at work most of the day so can't really do the jug/muslin thing though... but does sound like it's worth getting away from normal bog roll somehow.

thank you, it's actually just nice to know someone else has this (hope that doesn't sound mean)

raindroprhyme Thu 14-Oct-10 19:03:54

worth doing the cream at work aquaous cream is nice to as it is quite light i have tried heavier stuff before more vaseline like and i didn't put it on as much cos it wasn't comfortable. with me it is the frequency that seemed tohelp.

ouchthatssore Thu 14-Oct-10 20:04:06

thanks raindrop... will have a think about whether there's a way of going to the loo at work without noticeably carring handbag/tube of cream in there with me every time!! if I do it at home then I suppose that's half the time at least.

blinks Thu 14-Oct-10 22:03:09

mine looks exactly like paper cuts... there's generally one specific one that causes most the pain and it feels like it never totally heals no matter what i do as it's so easily torn again. it's probably only about 5mm in size but it hurts like buggery. recently i've noticed a few smaller ones around the perineum area and i think it's because i've been having more baths than usual.

i agree about the positions thing...

ouchthatssore Fri 15-Oct-10 12:31:39

Oh, one more thing I meant to ask. The doctor I saw did think it tends to go away after a few years. I've had this for about 3 years now. How long for you...?

blinks Fri 15-Oct-10 14:03:01

at least 10 years. why would it tend to go away after a few years? how strange.

blinks Fri 15-Oct-10 14:03:37

i used to only have it at certain points in my cycle but since having kids, have it more ofte than not... i suspect there is a hormonal link.

ouchthatssore Fri 15-Oct-10 15:10:55

Well she said she didn't tend to see women in their 40s upwards with it. (Though the cynic in me wonders whether that's just because they are more resigned to it...)

That's not good news that it's got worse since having children - I don't have any yet so guess the only way is down sad

I do notice it is better and worse at certain times though, think you're right about the hormonal link.

Will try the bog roll thing and the aqueous cream thing, when I can get to the chemist.

thanks again

Butterbur Sat 16-Oct-10 17:19:18

I suffered from it from puberty to the menopause. It was definitely worse at ovulation and during my period.Tthe itching was a nightmare, and I used to scratch myself to shreds. Literally. The only thing that helped was doses of superstrong steroid cream when it flared up.

I'm surprised I have any skin left down there.

ouchthatssore Mon 18-Oct-10 14:33:15


PurpleLostPrincess Mon 18-Oct-10 21:44:04

Sorry you're going through this sad. I have to say your symptoms sound very much like what my mum suffers with - lichens sclerosis (sp?). She also uses lots of aqueous cream - apparently it's hereditory so I'm constantly reading up on it and similar situations as I've been told I'm 'likely' to get it later in life (33 now). I truly hope you find something that provides you with some sort of relief smile

froot Fri 21-Oct-11 12:55:56

My 14 year old ds has just been diagnosed with this and labial hypertrophy which doesn't help with the discomfort either. She has been given emulsifying ointment to wash with and Locoid ointment but not much difference in symptoms, maybe because she wont use the ointment in the daytime as she hates the feel of it, so we are only applying it once a day at night usually. Anyone found any better ointment than Locoid that might work with a once a day application?

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