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Poor sperm.

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EndoTheRoad Fri 24-Sep-10 14:46:10

Got it. DP's analysis result.

Count: 18
Morphology: 1%
Motility: Good

So, not enough sperm, but the number he has are good swimmers even though they're abnormally formed.

Who else in a similar situation?

What do we do next?

Hoping for some words of knowledge/advice/experiences.

Thanks in anticipation.

zazen Fri 24-Sep-10 22:55:16

We had the same but worse - poor morphology, no longevity and poor motility and hardly any of the beggars.

We were refused IVF and ICSI as count was below 5%

I got pg by a pure miracle I think as I had had a scan the day before I ovulated and knew to the hour when the egg was released.

Very unromantically we tried for our baby with clock work precision.

If you get EWCM, try for a babe at the end of it - that is, when you think it's all gone. This is when I ovulate, not during the EWCM, you might be the same.

Have an ultrasound of your ovaries when you have EWCM and use an ovulation predictor stick.

Your DH should be on a good multi mineral and vitamin - especially zinc and vitamin C.

Get him to drink a cup of coffee before you do the deed, it gives the sperm a kick start..

And try not to stress!!! ha ha ha
really though, stress delays ovulation.. have a large wine and have fun.

mumatron Fri 24-Sep-10 22:59:44

my dp had very similar results, they did improve slightly at the second test about 5 months after.

i'm now 27 weeks pg. no help needed.

i made sure my dp was on fertilaid, pycnogenal (both avail from holland and barrett) and also a sponful of peruvian maca everyday, much to his disgust!

EndoTheRoad Mon 27-Sep-10 08:50:55

Wow, zazen, that's fantastic.

And, mumatron, congratulations!!

LOL @ "made sure"!

I'll certainly be making sure the gynae provides us with all necessary sperm-boosting medication!

DP and I have an appointment with the gynae weds morning to discuss the results properly - DP wasn't with me when the results were back.

Thank you both for your replies.

EndoTheRoad Tue 30-Nov-10 07:40:45

DP saw the urologist yesterday afternoon (after previous sperm analysis).

Had a scan on lower abdomen and prostrate check to search for anything untoward. Nothing wrong.

The doc basically said there's no way he'll be able to get me pregnant (low volume and quality sperm) and we'll need to go straight to IVF.

Pretty sad news and DP has so much work stress to content with, too. I don't know how to make him feel better.

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