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This is messing my head up

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puddlepuss Tue 21-Sep-10 11:43:13

I am 3 weeks late for my period. I've done 2 tests (at 1wk and at 2 wks) and both were negative. This is fine as I have a history of PCOS so despite having regular periods for 1 year now, I'm fairly used to them being all over the place.

The thing that's screwing my head up is that I can feel movement inside me on my bikini line. It feels exactly like a baby moving and when I put my hand there I can feel the movement from the outside iyswim. Even if I was pg there is no way I could be far enough to be feeling the baby so what is it? I have a lot of other pg symptoms but I'm fairly convinced I'm not pg.

Has anyone else ever felt anything like this?

kentmumtj Tue 21-Sep-10 11:45:46

i to was diagnosed with PCOS after my 2nd child. My periods were all over the place and they put me on tablets to mkae me 'bleed' regulary

anyways this was some years ago now.

Low and behold i stopped taking this tablets as me and dh had spoken about having more children and i had an appointment with specilist in a months time

i then missed my period did a pregnancy test and i was negative i waited a few weeks then did another one and it was positive.

puddlepuss Tue 21-Sep-10 12:44:18

If I don't get my period in a couple of weeks (this has happened before, just skipping one) then I'll do another test. The thing that's bothering me is the movement feeling. It is so like a baby kicking but if I was pregnant the baby wouldn't be big enough to kick or feel at all yet. Congrats on your pg by the way smile.

kentmumtj Tue 21-Sep-10 13:05:09

thankyou it was some years ago as i said as she is now 12.

You are right you wouldnt be able to feel any kicking at all yet, could it be that you want to be pregnant and your mind could be playing tricks on you. Hope that doesnt sound patronising as thats not my intention.

Are you not on any medication to regulate you?

puddlepuss Tue 21-Sep-10 13:23:45

I really don't want to be pregnant! I had completely put it out of my mind as the tests were negative and this has happened before. When I first felt it I assumed it was my period starting but a week on nothing has happened.

I'm not on any meds at the moment because after I finished bfing dd my periods started to be regular for the first time ever. They are seriously heavy and very very painful but regular. I guess I'm going to have to go back to the doctor and see what he says. It's just screwing me up because we tried for a long time to have ds due to the PCOS. I would have all the pg symptoms but no baby or period. Then after I had ds I had more problems including false pg symptoms, pain, no periods, cysts, etc so it was decided I should have a hysterectomy. The day before my app I did a test as instructed and dd was there. A lovely surprise but very hard to get my head around as I had convinced myself I didn't want another child. Now I really don't want another one and all the problems seem to be happening again.

Sorry to ramble on and thank you for listening to me.

kentmumtj Tue 21-Sep-10 13:28:11

no thats fine, wow what a shock finding out you were pregnant as you were going in for op. How long ago was that then.

I would say go to GP not that they seem able to offer much advice they tell me to just get on with it which is what i tend to do be honest. Although you should go.

puddlepuss Tue 21-Sep-10 17:36:01

It was nearly 3 years ago. I was going in for the pre op app but yes, a huge shock!

Where I live the docs are really thorough and send you for scans for everything which is why I've been putting it off. Trying to get a scan done with a 2yr old in the room is tricky! Still, I have to go anyway because my knee has fallen apart so I'll see what happens.

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