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soft poo's (yukky)

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misdee Mon 04-Aug-03 21:29:56

my dd2 still has very soft poos at 11months. she also is sick quite often (bout twice a week on average), but so far the docs say not to worry as she is gaining weight well (28lb already!!!), and if it carries on over 12months then they will try to find out what the problem is. because i have moved around a lot since she was born she hasnt seen one particular doctor for any length of time. should i start pushing them to find out whats causing the soft poos and vomiting now or leave it in the doctors hands. she is a generally happy baby, her sickness episodes dont seem to bother her too much, so what should i do, apart from having carpet cleaner close to hand?

whymummy Mon 04-Aug-03 21:38:57

do you write down everything she eats to see what triggers the vomiting,maybe she`s allergic to something,don`t know what else to suggest,good luck

runragged Mon 04-Aug-03 21:42:00

I really wouldn't worry about the sickness, twice a week is very little really.

How soft are the poos? (Fantastic subject!!!) If the are soft and not "sloppy" then its probably only "softish" normal poo thats been squished in a nappy! DS sometimes had very soft poo but since he has been potty trained I have forgotton about it so it can't have been a problem.

Have a look at her diet though, does she have loads of milk and not much food? What does she have for breakfast? Weetabix should help with her digestion.

But basically I really wouldn't worry about it, if she is happy, healthy and developing well. Some babies do chuck a lot more than others. If you think it is a symptom of an illness then push for it to be seen to but otherwise I wouldn't bother.

misdee Mon 04-Aug-03 22:12:13

lovely subject isnt it. they are very soft, the kind that can go up her back very quickly. she was following a gluten free diet from 4 months when the vomiting started, she seems to throw up more when a lot of additives are present in food, which makes meal times very healthy for her. she throws up if she has porriage type cereals, plums, and occasionally just for added work for me too. i'm talking projectile vomiting here, the worst it has been was 5 nights in a row, was great fun cleaning it up. i can usually hear when she is about to be sick, and if i pick her up can feel her stomache lurching, so its a quick dash to the bathroom sink, sometimes we dont always make it. she still possets a lot, doesnt have much milk anymore (bout 4 bottles in 24 hours) refuses water and juice.
just seems to be a neverending round of pooey bums and sick here.

runragged Mon 04-Aug-03 22:15:25

Mmmmn don't know what to suggest really, does sound like an allergy, I think whymummys right and you should keep a food diary. Still if it isn't actually making her ill, if she is just sick and then fine I would go with the GPs advice.

bloss Tue 05-Aug-03 02:13:36

Message withdrawn

Baba Tue 05-Aug-03 21:13:17

Wondered if your dd was teething - I know my ds often has really soft poos when he has teeth coming through - and this can take a long time - he never got any teeth till 10 months old and now he is 15 months but has now started having soft poos again and I can see in his mouth that there are about four teeth that are due to break through (he has six now!).

I know that I used to feed ds a lot of food - a big dinner at lunch time and then a big tea and then milk and it was too much for him and he used to be sick on his bed clothes. Maybe give her a light tea instead.

either that, or she may be allergic to a certain food - you need to contact a paediatric to start eliminating certain food.

Good luck!

LIZS Wed 06-Aug-03 08:32:21

I agree with baba that it may just be teething. ds was like that, with constant dribbling too, but dd , although more grumpy, didn't have the same reaction. His were both very loose (to the point of explosive!) and had a bitter, sharp smell.

dd was able to vomit for England, as she had a bit of reflux and the slightest gag would bring loads back. It meant she couldn't really eat lumpy stuff until almost a year (raw mashed pear used to do trigger it for example) but one day we were eating out and she suddenly reached across and helped herself from my dessert. After that she became far more tolerant very quickly . By 14 months she was able to feed herself almost anything.

At least your dd is putting on weight (mine didn't) so would try not to worry too much unless she is otherwise unwell. If the symptoms persist then you could always visit the dr just to check it out.


misdee Wed 06-Aug-03 08:56:51

she's a baby, so of course she is teething. she has been teething since 4months, but has always had very soft poos. i just spent about 1/2 hour this morning cleaning her up as again her poo had spread up her back and beyond. nasty. sometimes it seems like its very undigested, (lovely this early,) so maybe i'll take her back to the docs to see what they say.

misdee Fri 08-Aug-03 21:18:39

well, took her to the docs today. told him whats been happening, and he is referring her to a specialist at the local hospital. says its not normal, and it shoud be sorted out, i shouldnt be having to deal with it. finally!!! and he is also finally referring my eldest dd for allergy testing. (only taken 3years of me asking)

runragged Sat 09-Aug-03 17:07:28

misdee, that's great, now that you are in the system it should all be sorted.

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