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Copper coil - anyone had adverse symptoms?

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thatsnotmyfruitshoot Mon 13-Sep-10 14:28:20

I'm feeling rubbish today, and have done for a few weeks, and am wondering if it could be down to copper toxicity from the copper coil I've recently had fitted. I'd previously been on the pill, then the Mirena which didn't suit me at all (hormones give me all the side effects.)

I'm also vegetarian and according to the info I've found, this makes me far more susceptible to copper toxicity. The symptoms of hair loss, fatigue, bloating, mild depression all seem to fit and my lower abdomen is really aching today despite my period not being due for weeks.

It's so frustrating, I just something that works without all of this. Don't know whether to give it another few weeks or get it taken out asap.

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Tudormum Tue 14-Sep-10 11:10:00

Maybe give it a few more weeks. I had one fitted about 6 months ago and everything went a bit peculiar for a couple of weeks after, and I think its the hormones settling. I got a rash on my elbows of all things! Mostly everythings fine now, I still get a bit bloated before a period, and they are a bit heavier than usual, but other than that its been very good. I take high strength evening primrose oil - that might help?

thatsnotmyfruitshoot Tue 14-Sep-10 13:28:48

thanks tudormum, I do have some evening primrose tablets, I'll start taking them again. My body seems to react to anything and everything so it might need some time to adjust. I feel really queasy today too.

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Highlander Tue 14-Sep-10 14:50:27

My symptoms settled down after a year, but I was still left with a nagging abdominal discomfort and non-stop spotting. I also had the itchiest ladygarden ever!!

I pulled it out myself on the 1st day of a period. Horrible symptoms disappeared instantly grin

thatsnotmyfruitshoot Tue 14-Sep-10 15:48:51

Oh blimey, highlander. A year is a long time to put up with itchy bits!! grin

I can really feel it today, don't know whether it's moved slightly as it's the first time I've been really conscious of where it is.

Going to give it another few weeks and then consider my (now very limited) options.

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Tudormum Tue 14-Sep-10 22:53:30

Hello again - um I would NOT suggest pulling it out on your own, not that Highlander is suggesting that but it could be very painful plus you could do yourself damage! I sympathise with Highlander, itchy bits can drive you to do extreme things, obviously. Maybe go back to your Doctor if you can feel it, Mine has never moved so I can't feel it. Especially since you are feeling a bit poorly with it.

zebratum Tue 14-Sep-10 22:56:29

If you can feel it i'd get the doctor to have a proper look to make sure its still place. Mine started to fall out so I had it taken out.

kibbutz83 Tue 14-Sep-10 23:18:08

Hi thatsnotmyfruitshoot, I've just read your post, and I think you may have something there.
I had a copper coil fitted about 6 years ago, and after about 3-4 months I started having bloating, panic attacks, weird psychological symptoms, and pain during sex. I remember asking my GP at the time, could I possibly be suffering from copper toxicity? Oh no dear, there's no such thing really! I hate GP's
I had it removed after a couple of years, but my symptoms didn't improve, except maybe my panic attacks became slightly milder. I wonder have you done much research into copper toxicity? There doesn't seem to be much available.

mumtoo3 Sun 19-Sep-10 19:46:49


I am in the same boat at the moment, I had my copper coil fitted 3-4 weeks ago, and after 1 week started to feel weird! I am on constant pmt, loads of spots, hair loss, so tired all the time, bloated and general dragging achy feeling in my lower abdomen

I am due to see my GP tomorrow, does this sound like the same sort of thing with the copper coil or is it something else?

dont mean to hijack blush just thought one of you ladies may know x

graceinabundance Sun 11-Dec-11 22:26:40

bump as interesting!

amatuermummy Mon 12-Dec-11 14:27:07

I had the copper coil fitted about 14 months ago and have waited for things to settle to no avail. I am in the process of arranging for it to be removed.

Most of the time it's ok, but it has caused my IBS to flare up so badly, I now get flare ups every 2 weeks whereas before I would get them around every 2 months or less. I get really strong symptoms around my period - PMS, spots, painful cramps, nausea, symptoms of carpal tunnel which I had in pregnancy, etc, heavy periods that last much longer than before, itchiness all over my body, etc.

I would suggest that you leave it a bit longer to settle, but if things don't improve, just get it taken out.

graceinabundance Mon 12-Dec-11 14:30:23

I hate my copper coil but ive only had it a year and im scared my doc will get cross if i want it out <blush>

hiddenhome Mon 12-Dec-11 18:59:24

I became anaemic with the heavy periods and it also caused chronic lumbar pain and generally feeling tired and grotty. I've felt a lot better since I had it removed and the chronic viral infections seem to have stopped as well.

goingtoofast Mon 12-Dec-11 19:04:20

I had really painful breasts when I had my copper coil. To beging with it was just around my period, after a few months they were constantly sore. I asked my GP if it was the coil, he thought maybe but told me to take evevning primrose oil. I decided to have the coil out, had to wait three weeks to see the nurse so pulled it out myself. Within two days my sore breasts disapeared!!! That was 3 or 4 months ago and I feel so much better now it's out!

hiddenhome Mon 12-Dec-11 19:07:39

Oh, yeah and I forgot to mention the chronic grotty bowel problems too confused

I wouldn't recommend it.

graceinabundance Tue 13-Dec-11 14:17:29

I think I am going to get mine out too I detest it!

reddaisy Tue 13-Dec-11 14:22:15

Eeek, glad I have found this thread. I am getting a coil fitted next week and I am currently trying to decide between a mirena one and a copper one and I was leaning towards the latter because of the lack of hormones. What do people think of the mirena one?

graceinabundance Tue 13-Dec-11 14:24:10

not a clue but the copper one has been a disaster for me and I hate hate hate it grin

you could start a thread about the other one, get a few opinions ? xxx

MrsHoolie Tue 13-Dec-11 14:28:21

There are lots of threads about the Mirena so might be worth doing a search. Usually negative post though as people tend to post about problems!

reddaisy Tue 13-Dec-11 14:33:26

That's true MrsHoolie. The leaflet I had about the copper one basically said the only side effect could be heavier periods, none of the issues talked about on this thread were mentioned by the nurse when I saw her. The reason I am opting for a coil is to be able to forget about contraception and because I thought the side effects were limited.

goingtoofast Tue 13-Dec-11 14:46:08

reddaisy, I also chose it as I tohught it wouldn't affect my hormones like a mirena maight. Was very suprised with my increased pmt and v sore breasts, GP said it wasn't unusal for it to affect hormones.

hiddenhome Tue 13-Dec-11 18:27:24

The copper coil partly works by causing chronic inflammation within the uterus. Chronic inflammation anywhere in the body is debilitating and horrible. The body is constantly trying to heal itself, whilst the coil is constantly causing the inflammation. You can see that this sets up a negative cycle sad I felt a lot better when I had mine removed. They do work as a contraceptive - apart from once when I concieved, but it couldn't implant, so had a lot of pain/bleeding and lost it - but I think they're quite a brutal thing to do to your body.

I don't fancy the Merina due to the complaints people make about it. Hate anything hormonal too. People generally end up fat and depressed sad

graceinabundance Tue 13-Dec-11 23:06:36

coils coming out, appt on friday ! ;)

ilovevenice Thu 15-Dec-11 00:36:59

Going against the crowd on this one - I've used a copper coil for approx. 6 years and found it's been almost hassle free. I had it taken out 3 times during that time and each time got pregnant the month immediately after, and now have one back in again. The only problem I've had is that before DS3 the strings shrunk back, so I had to have it removed under general anaesthetic which wasn't ideal (but painless and only took 5 minutes apparently). For me it's been a brilliant method of contraception, but maybe I've just been lucky.

MsUrsa Fri 16-Dec-11 12:48:25

I had mine put in almost two years ago (ask for a local anaesthetic, makes the whole thing much easier) and I've had heavier periods, but that's it. No more or less cranky/sore around period than previously. Was a bit weird for a couple of weeks, and had some cramping for a few days after insertion, but it's worked perfectly up till now!

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