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HPV and a hoarse voice in 4yr old DS

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adamantmine Fri 10-Sep-10 20:47:31

My DS has a very cute hoarse voice, been with us a week now, been here before a month or so ago. Slght concern, googled it, found over and over if it's not a sore throat or too much shouting may well be a 'papilloma' ie wart in his voice box. HPV. I had a papilloma in left breast 2yrs ago (yuk) and 6yrs ago, doc had said not much known about it, no research, now turns out to be part of the huge HPV virus stuff and my son may have it, thanks to me kissing him, sharing his food, licking his ice-cream, whatever, and may be facing years of having stuff lasered out of his throat. We seeing doc on Monday, but I'm angsting terribl about it, angry and sad and scard. Anyone able to tell me it may well be something totally differenct like.....? ?

BelaLugosiNoir Fri 10-Sep-10 21:25:11

HPV is a name given to a massive family of viruses. They are incredibly common and easy to transmit, they're not much different to the cold virus apart from the effects are different.
You don't know for certain that your DS has a papilloma so wait to see what the GP says on Monday. And stop googling!

adamantmine Fri 10-Sep-10 21:37:29

Thanks for that Bela, I shall go to bed and sleep like an angel - like my darling DS in fact! (The voice is very cute and I know the internet is awful for health things....)

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