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is this baby acne?

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forevermore Fri 02-Sep-05 15:15:56

my 5 week old dd has a nasty 'outbreak' of red spots. they started on her ears (80% coverage) and now all over face (not her nose though...weird)...and all over her scalp (60% coverage)...

two GP's have said it'll pass...think its baby acne from what i've read, but now getting bits of yellow crust on a few and isolated spots on her shoulders and neck.

she is well in herself and feed, poos, wees etc.

she was given chloramphenical at around a week before it started....not sure if this is related??? but this course is now finished.

have heard that this could be baby acne???? please help very anxious new mum.

PrettyCandles Fri 02-Sep-05 15:22:09

Newborns are prone to rashes. They don't get that lovely baby-soft skin until they're a few months old, IME.

I don't have experience of precisely what you describe, but with my two found that, when they had a rash, it was better to avoid all soaps, shampoos, bubblebaths, lotions etc - not that most newborns need them anyway - and just wash them with plain warm water. Olive oil and almond oil are very good for newborn skin.

Do you have scratch mits ready just in case (or else put her in a too-large top and let the sleeves come over her hands)? Another alternative is to put socks over her hands.

PrettyCandles Fri 02-Sep-05 15:23:15

Was the chloramphenicol for sticky eyes? Again, both of mine had that and AFAIA it had no negative effects.

Nik72 Fri 02-Sep-05 15:33:13

Sounds like baby acne, my dd had it. I put canestan on it & it cleared.

forevermore Fri 02-Sep-05 21:15:56

nik...what made you put canesten on baby acne? is it worth a try?

nannyjo Fri 02-Sep-05 21:26:39

i wouldn't put canesten on a new borns face not even on an older face, its too harsh i think.
My Ds had acne as a baby and i was given a very very mild steroid cream to put on very very thinly for no more tan 5 days.

nannyjo Fri 02-Sep-05 21:27:17

mega mild BTW, it did the trick..

forevermore Fri 02-Sep-05 21:58:40

can you remember the name nannyjo? what was the severity of the acne your babe had?

nannyjo Fri 02-Sep-05 22:01:18

it was only around his chin area but was quite nasty and wouldn't clear on it's own, can't remember the cream though sorry, i have it in his drawer still but hes in bed now.

How long has she had it now??? if it doesn't clear soon then ask your HV for advise. i don't think docs worry about skin rashes etc though cos it is common and they do generally clear over time

Miaou Fri 02-Sep-05 22:31:50

ds has developed this yesterday - he is four weeks old. My two dds had this too, at about the same age. I have never put anything on it but it has cleared of its own accord in a few weeks' time. Try not to worry - it looks a lot worse than it is! But resist the temptation to pick at them or you will damage her skin.

forevermore Sat 03-Sep-05 17:03:24

some of the baby acne like spots are having a microscopic scab form on them, well drying out, and greenish crust behing the ears and on scalp....whats going on...end of cycle perhaps?

Chandra Sat 03-Sep-05 17:13:19

The greenish crust seems like craddle cap, unless is weeping (in that case it's infected and may require an antibiotic cream). Some people recommend olive oil (though DS smelled like goat's cheese when we used it). Perhaps Aveeno cream may help?

Miaou Sat 03-Sep-05 17:17:00

If you do put olive oil on the baby's scalp to deal with cradle cap, leave it on overnight then wash it off in the morning. Have to say I never bothered as I found it too much faff

forevermore Sat 03-Sep-05 18:21:20

how long can i expect to have to deal with cradle one thing after another....

Miaou Sat 03-Sep-05 23:10:44

Um...dd1 had cradle cap until she was about three, I'm afraid! It doesn't do any harm, and once their hair grows a bit thicker it's hardly noticeable, honestly. Try not to worry, forevermore!

lunachic Sat 03-Sep-05 23:25:40

weleda calendula ointment is great for dry skin on a newborn mild find it on their website

Suze2017 Tue 10-Jan-17 18:40:02

Camoline lotion cleared my babies acne up in 2 days

Eminybob Tue 10-Jan-17 18:53:23

My ds had horrendous skin, very bad baby acne, cradle cap, excema etc. He still has dry skin now at age 2.5.
When he had baby acne when he was about 5 weeks, I went to the gp/hv a couple of times and was palmed off, eventually it got so bad, was spreading down his chest and back and scabbing. I went back to the gp again and finally they prescribed a mild antibiotic. It cleared it right up (but was a nightmare trying to get DS to take it!)

Eminybob Tue 10-Jan-17 18:54:08

I should add, we tried everything else mentioned upthread to no avail before the antibiotics

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