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pectus excavatum - does anyone have a dd or know of a girl who has this

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GoldenGreen Thu 09-Sep-10 14:17:52

Just been to see HV and she says that dd (16 weeks) has this. She told me not to Google but obviously I needed to know more and the little I have looked at has made me scared and upset for what might happen in the future. HV didn't feel we needed to refer her to anyone unless she developed asthma but I still want to know a bit more about what this means for dd. Can anyone help? thank you

Bonsoir Thu 09-Sep-10 14:22:07

I had a boyfriend who had this when I was in my late teens and early twenties. I didn't really think anything of it and he was very proud of it!

GoldenGreen Thu 09-Sep-10 14:36:11

thanks Bonsoir

any more positive stories or any experiences welcome!

eeenymeenymineymo Fri 10-Sep-10 17:33:07

I have this!

It has never bothered me in the slightest - no one ever mentioned it until I came to have a bra fitted and the lady noticed it.

If anything it makes my cleavage look bigger!

Bonsoir Fri 10-Sep-10 17:35:06

I saw a very gorgeous young man sunbathing with his shirt off on a bench in Parc Monceau this afternoon and he definitely had this! It obviously didn't bother him (and didn't detract from his beauty!).

KateF Fri 10-Sep-10 17:39:32

The lady who used to childmind my dds has a son with this. I had no idea until quite recently as he never seemed any different to any other child, very energetic, always kicking a ball around etc. He has had surgery this year (he is 10) but bounced back very quickly and leads an absolutely normal life.

GoldenGreen Fri 10-Sep-10 18:42:10

thank you all - eeenymeeny - love that it makes your cleavage look bigger! and glad it hasn't caused you any problems.

I saw that it gets more pronounced during puberty and read stories about lungs and heart being moved out of place and got a bit shock

Bonsoir Fri 10-Sep-10 20:06:42

I think your HV was very unprofessional indeed to diagnose your DD and then tell you not to Google and not to refer your DD shock.

lurcherlover Sat 11-Sep-10 11:28:52

I have it, as do my Dad and (to a lesser degree) my brother - so there must be some hereditary link. I'm pregnant now and wondering if the baby will have it! Mine was there from birth but did get more pronounced at puberty. I have never had any complications with it at all - the only issue it caused is an apparent heart murmur (but don't panic) - nothing AT ALL wrong with my heart, it was detected aged 11 and I had every scan, ECG, stress test etc under the sun with a paediatric cardiologist, and his conclusion was that the shape of my sternum made my heart beat echo so it sounded like a murmur when in fact it wasn't. So every time I go to hospital or anyone listens to my heart they get this funny look on their face and I have to explain that I haven't got a murmur but my funny shape means it sounds like I have.

I've had no other problems with it at all - to be honest, I don't really like the look of it and I sometimes wish I had a normal shaped chest, but it doesn't bother me that much and men have never commented on it, other than to say they kind of like it! Your DD will be absolutely fine.

seenitallbefore Sat 11-Sep-10 12:42:55

I have it too. Much less obvious on a girl after puberty as boobs develop and ,as said before,it does enhance a cleavage ! DH is a paediatric surgeon and has operated on kids for cosmetic reasons if child and parents request. Big op though. I have never bothered and DH agrees. I am not sure what pectus has to do with developing asthma? Not sure HV has that right? Check with your GP.

roundthehouses Sat 11-Sep-10 12:49:05

i think this might be what dh has, for him it makes him look like he has very well developed pecs when he doesn´t at all! grin never had any issues at all afaik.

GoldenGreen Sat 11-Sep-10 15:02:17

wow, thank you for more responses. I would certainly not want to look at surgery just for cosmetic reasons and great to hear that you all agree. I need to see the GP next week anyway and will ask her just to take a look and give her opinion. She is great & I feel I can trust her.

The HV said she had seen a boy with a severe case who also had asthma and his asthma improved after surgery...she told me in great detail how severe his case was, I think in order to reassure me that dd's was mild! So I think her intentions were good.

thanks again

deepbreath Sun 12-Sep-10 01:54:35

Hi, my dd (7) has pectus excavatum. It doesn't seem to bother dd at this stage, although I know it may not always be like this. It is mild-moderate and can hold a small pool of water if she lies down in the bath.

She is lucky in a way because hers is in the centre of her chest - others have the dent more to one side.

We wouldn't opt for surgery unless it was necessary for clinical reasons. Dd has regular echocardiograms for other reasons and they make sure that her pectus issue is not affecting her heart too much.

HowsTheSerenity Sun 12-Sep-10 07:42:57

I had a boyfriend with this.
Did not cause him any problems whatsoever.

bluebeach Tue 14-Dec-10 13:54:17

I have this too, never really apparent until after puberty when I became super self conscious of it as it made my boobs look cross eyed! It wasn't until I got to about 16 that I realised it was fairly common thing and that other people had it, that made me feel a lot better. As far as disfigurements go I think this is such a minor thing, its just one quirk of being me that I have accepted, and yes it does actually make my boobs bigger! It's also a good place to put the soap when your in the bath (my dad taught me this, he has it too!)

It makes me a bit more prone to breathlessness and I'm no good at aerobic excersise as I get light headed quickly but other than that I'm not really affected.

I'm pregnant now too, and for the first time you can't notice that my ribs are sticking out, its ace!

I would agree that unless there are severe problems with breathlessness and the problem is mainly cosmetic then don't have surgery, it looks horrid and seems to be more of an american thing to have done...think there is more pressure to have a perfect body over there.

good luck with everything!! x

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