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Joint pain - arthritis?

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Verso Thu 01-Sep-05 08:27:32

I posted about this on my postnatal group a while back and was quite reassured by the replies. It seems I'm not alone (joint pain on waking in particular, all over the body, but especially thumbs and feet).

Anyway - thing is I have to see my GP each week to monitor my PND, and mentioned the aches and pains this week. She thinks I might have arthritis and will be ordering tests in a few weeks' time if it doesn't clear up spontaneously. (I am assuming it won't since I've had it well over a month now.)

I suppose I just want some reassurance from other Mumsnetters about this. My DH has MS and I'm not sure if I could cope with me having a chronic condition as well!

Verso Fri 02-Sep-05 06:22:44


Twiglett Fri 02-Sep-05 07:49:01


Joint pain after child birth is quite common .. there is a hormone (Relaxin) which is designed to soften the tissue so the baby can get out during labour .. it takes up to and over a year for your hormones to rebalance so it is easy to get aches and strains

I think your GP is being over-cautious personally, but it can't do any harm .. all she will do is a blood test probably (ESR) to see if there's any inflammation in your blood stream.

Not sure what kind of pain you're suffering in the mornings nor how long it lasts so can't commment any further but I would be reasonably sure its nothing much to worry about.

Charismum Sat 03-Sep-05 09:56:51

I've had a flare up in joint pain, coming on around four months after delivery. My sister had similar trouble. Does anyone know if breast-feeding exacerbates the problem - I've heard anecdotal evidence that it does. Pretty much every one of my joints is affected, but the small bones in hands and feet the worse. I leap out of bed at night or early mornings to feed the baby and fall over!!! Blood tests done my my GP show inflammation in the joints, but not rheumatoid arthritis which is great. Am confident it will get better in a year or so.

mancmum Sat 03-Sep-05 14:45:15

i would not worry too much -- If you read the archives there are loads of us complaining about pains in joitns especially hands and feet for months after child birth -- me included -- and they do gradually go...

but worse case scenario if you do have arthritis, as I do, it can be controlled well with drugs and lifestyle treatments if caught early. I was diagnised with arthritis 10 years ago and so far touch wood I am OK except for need for odd steroid drug injections... i bet it won;t come to that

albosmum Sat 03-Sep-05 15:42:59

after ds2 i found my joints particularly ankle/knee/hip/shoulder joints ached every morning - this went on till ds was about 12 months but has now stopped. Are you BF - as lots of people told me it was because i was BF and it did stop when I stopped - not that i would suggest you should stop BF.

Verso Sat 03-Sep-05 15:51:49

Yes I am BF and I am convinced it's related, whether it's hormonal or whatever. It just seems too coincidental otherwise. I'm not planning on stopping because of it, though.

It's a relief to know I'm not alone, and also that even if it is arthritis, it can be quite manageable. Thanks for that, mancmum!

It amazes me that you can find out that these things are relatively common and/or normal by asking the question online, but doctors and other health professionals think it's odd. Why don't the pregnancy books continue after the birth? It seems there are a lot of weird and wonderful things that can happen to you once you have a baby...

(Sorry, I'm rambling! )

Verso Mon 17-Oct-11 10:15:26

Well... Several years on from my original post, DD2 fed and weaned, and still no relief from the pain. I ended up going back for tests, then more tests. Long story short I'm seeing my rheumatology consultant this morning for the final diagnosis. (cue drum roll)

When I saw him a few months ago he said I have a form of arthritis, and also a 'connective tissue disorder'. I'm thinking lupus but we'll see what he says. It would explain:

Joint pain
Malar rash
Hair loss (patchy)
Random eczema
Dry eyes (had to switch to soft lenses from gas permeable)
Severe fatigue (almost falling asleep at wheel - I put this down to being a working mum!)
Mouth ulcers

And the list goes on...

The amazing thing is it's treatable!! Not curable - but he said he should be able to make me a lot more comfortable. Wish me luck!

Icelollycraving Mon 17-Oct-11 12:32:54

Good luck!! Let us know how you get on

Verso Mon 17-Oct-11 14:48:25

Well... they're still not 100% sure! But treating it as subclinical lupus and have given me antimalarials to try...

Icelollycraving Mon 17-Oct-11 22:37:59

How do you feel about that? Hope you are ok

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