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nannyn Wed 01-Sep-10 00:40:34

Just wondering if anyone out there is suffering with SPD. My little girl is 10 months now & I've not got any better. Aside from offering me prozac my consultant was no help(apparently the grinding is all in my head!)I had a course of physio but from some one with no experiance of SPD. Now feel like my life is on hold until I get full mobility back. Would be interested in anything that has worked for others.

Frolie Wed 01-Sep-10 20:43:11

I have recently been diagnosed with SPD, I'm 28 weeks pregnant. I'm sorry to hear you are still suffering 10 months after giving birth. From my limited knowledge of SPD it can go on for up to 2 years, so you are not alone. Not very helpful of your DR to suggest it;s all in your head !! I'm being treated by specialist physios in my maternity hospital (NHS). I'd advise finding a physio (NHS or private) who are specialist in this condition.

I've found this website to be useful. I hope you get some practical and professional help soon.

nannyn Thu 02-Sep-10 18:11:03

Hi Frolie,
Glad you're getting help with your SPD. I think it varies from trust to trust what help you can get. I was told physio wasn't available whilst pregnant & was given a belt & crutches. There is no well woman physio in my area so unfortunatly I'm being left to get on with it. Just make sure the SPD is well recorded on your Mat notes, my midwive ignored the notes & made me go beyond my pain free gap. Next time you see your physio ask if they have any collegues in Scotland smile

herbietea Thu 02-Sep-10 18:19:07

Message withdrawn

herbietea Thu 02-Sep-10 18:21:26

Message withdrawn

nannyn Thu 02-Sep-10 18:27:47

Hi herbietea,
Not sure i can manage this for 14 years!!! They have refused to x-ray me or scan and they don't seem to think othopeadics would see me. I will ask again though, I think they are waiting to see if it will go of it's own accord!
The Scottish charity is PINS I'm a member already.
Did you have it with all your pregnancies? We'd love to have a 2nd but I'm scared of ending up in a wheelchair!

herbietea Thu 02-Sep-10 18:35:53

Message withdrawn

soodonim Fri 03-Sep-10 18:53:58

OP, you have my sympathy. I had SPD at end of first pregnancy and then more severely with 2nd pregnancy. I was lucky to receive 8 months of physio starting from about the 7th month of pregnancy. It did diminish after DS was born, but lingered for the time I breastfed, due, I was told to pregnancy hormones still being present. General advice was no high heels; rest as much as possible; to avoid picking up toddler, heavy items; keep knees together as much as possible ( i.e. when getting in out bed bath car etc); not to walk too far at any one time. Some of those easier to manage than others when looking after little ones!
Happy to say it has now disappeared completely but was warned it would return with any future pregnancies.

soodonim Fri 03-Sep-10 19:21:59

would add that DS is now 22 months, but felt that symptoms had disappeared about when he was approx 15 months. Physio recommended the DVD below, the instructor points out occasionally which exercises to avoid if you have any pelvic pain. dsey-Jackson/dp/B000BC8G08/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_i

Also if you do opt for a Pilates class try to find one run by a women's health practioner who understands SPD.

LilRedWG Fri 03-Sep-10 19:25:13

If you get nowhere with the orthopeadic surgeon try a chiroprator - mine was bloddy brilliant, I went in on crutches and walked out carrying them.

indigobarbie Sat 04-Sep-10 20:09:05

OP it would be great if you were able to explore the other channels of possible help before visiting a surgeon.

herbietea my heart goes out to you. What a tough time you must have been and still be going through.

I really sympathise with everyone as I too am a sufferer. I recently met a lady who had severe SPD and surgeons said they 'might' be able to help her by removing part of her spine, but even then it would be a chance to 'see' if it would help. She refused them and went on to find out that her pubis sympyhsis joint at the front had separated and then knitted back together out of alignment. She now specialises in helping others and is a pilates teacher.

During my pregnancy I visited a chiro and I too can recommend, but this was never going to be a fix during pregnancy as every ligament etc was too soft to hold it all in place for very long.

I have had the luck of seeing an NHS physio who has been realigning my hips which in turn seems to be realigning my pubic bone and slowly slowly I am feeling much much better than I once was. I am 6 months PP. I am also terrified that if I want another one that this might come back. My physio said that it would probably take at least 7 months for my hormones to settle and that it would be then that I might feel a bit more back to normal, and I actually do. Not 100% but maybe 60%ish, so that's not bad.
I also joined the pelvic instability network PINS which has been very helpful with leaflets etc.

I hope you can get to a physio or perhaps even a chiro before looking to surgery, I know that some women don't have any other option. Wishing you all the best x

nannyn Sun 05-Sep-10 13:58:19

Thank you for all the helpful suggestions, I will be seeing gp next week to work out where to go next.

Such a releif to know that there is some help out there if you ask the right questions!

LooL00 Mon 06-Sep-10 13:21:45

My NHS physio is really helpful. My dc3 is 9 weeks old now and I have an appt in 2 weeks time and i hope she can straighten me out like she did after dc2. Pelvic floor exercises really help too. If your nhs physio isn't helpful, ask to be referred to one who knows what they are doing.

nannyn Tue 07-Sep-10 09:23:34


I have tried apparently there are no physios in the Edinburgh/Borders area who cover SPD! I was begining to think I was the only 1 suffering, I'm now starting to think I've been fobbed off!

The NHS is a total lottery depending on where you live, I know if I'd have been back down south I would have been able to see a better physio or even a chiro.

Will have to start saving up to see one privately, is there any way to get funding for these things?

LooL00 Wed 08-Sep-10 09:50:37

How far could you travel nannyn? If you could find one near enough but in a diff region it might be worth the trip. Maybe you could phone the physio dept in a few hospitals and find out what the situation is. Someone on the spd sofa thread got referred out of her local nhs area. i saw the physio about 6 times antenatally and that would be quite pricey if it was private. When I had dc2 it took 3 postnatal sessions to sort me out.

GreenPartridge Sat 11-Sep-10 09:46:59

I have had moderate success treating SPD. I am a chiropractor. Some women respond very well, some not at all. It is worth a go. Look for a chiro in your area who is BCA registeredan has a special interest in paediatrics and pregnancy. Most will offer a free chat/check prior to committing so you can check them out. If you are around Brighton, we are here

esme80 Mon 12-Sep-11 10:19:23

Nannyn, like previous poster I had good results from chiropractor. Started going after birth of DS1, was on crutches and walking well again after 2 appointments. Found NHS physio not much help during pregnancy.

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