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So pissed off with the bugs in DH chest

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KatyMac Mon 30-Aug-10 15:35:55

He had 2 weeks of antibiotics
2 days off them
another 2 weeks 13 & he has another chest infection

So I will speak to Papworth tomorrow & I guess get 2 more weeks of AB's

Rotten nasty bugs I wish they would go away

KatyMac Tue 31-Aug-10 22:13:29

& the nice ladies at Papworth have given him a week to get better otherwise he is being admitted for a fortnight

Life is so shitty sometimes

KatyMac Wed 01-Sep-10 21:20:14

Strop, whinge, Strop

The rules around these ab's are weird - poor DH

mankyscotslass Wed 01-Sep-10 21:40:08


Persistent chest infections are awful.

My DM has Bronchieatacsis and is very ill as soon as any bug hits her chest, she has Lupus too, so her immune system is shot anyway.

She is on antibiotics 3 times a week permanently, plus steroids for her Lupus (which they can't get her off, every time they try she gets another infection)

She has been in hospital with chest infections at least 2-3 times a year for the last 5 years.

I hope your DH improves soon.

CarGirl Wed 01-Sep-10 21:42:58

sad thought this would be you. Hope you make it to Egham for the weekend x

KatyMac Wed 01-Sep-10 21:43:27

Me too - your poor Mum

At least DH only has the bronchieatacsis - he normally has 500 amoxicillin twice a day but this ciprofloxacin is nasty

TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 01-Sep-10 21:43:45

Does your DH have a chronic respiratory condition or something that makes his immune system weak katyMac? Sorry i don't know your situation!

I hope he gets better soon and you can stop worrying, i know how awful it is to have your loved ones be ill.

KatyMac Wed 01-Sep-10 21:45:31

He has no immunity to haemophilus influenzae which is a bit common to avoid

TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 01-Sep-10 21:46:27

DS has Cipro suspension when he gets pseudomonas its so sickly sweet i like to lick to spoon blush

I am a Antibiotic guru! DS has Azithromycin, Cipro, Gentamicin, Tobramycin, Ceftazidime and Colomycin... i like to impress my friends by reeling off the long names of them! grin

TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 01-Sep-10 21:47:15

Oh, sorry to hear that, im not going to pretend i know anything about it! I hope he is feeling better soon. smile

KatyMac Wed 01-Sep-10 21:49:23

But he occasionally comes positive for MAC as well sad

KatyMac Wed 01-Sep-10 21:49:50

Your DS gets lots sad

TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 01-Sep-10 21:52:46

He has Cystic Fibrosis, he doesn't have them all everyday, some of them are intravenous whenever he gets an infection or 3 monthly (whichever comes first)

I will jump for joy the day he starts swallowing tables at the moment its all sticky, tooth rotting liquids..

You should ask if Azithromycin would help your DP its an antibiotic and a mild anti inflammatory so it might ease any coughing.

KatyMac Wed 01-Sep-10 21:57:16

DH doesn't really cough

He keeps his physio going fairly well & we can keep his weight up (as long as he doesn't exercise too much)

But every cold is treated like a chest infection - but touch wood we have only been hospitalised twice

mankyscotslass Wed 01-Sep-10 22:03:00

DM has Azithromycin, 3 times a week....seems to help a bit, but usally any sniffle ends in a serious chest infection.

She has been told to treat all colds like a chest infection, but won't. angry sad

TBH, like she said to her consultants, perhaps if she stayed in doors and away from her 3 young petriedishes grandchildren, she would be better, but what life is that?

Physio left mum hmm as her other conditions limit what can be done, and so they kept asking her for ideas. hmm

It must be hard for all of you.

tudorrose Wed 01-Sep-10 22:11:19

Titsalina - I have deep respect for you! Licking the spoon! DD3 has cystic fibrosis too and getting the antibiotics into her can be hell. I have been known to heave into the sink when I am showing her how lovely they taste! How she/you can do it I do not know!

KatyMac - I hope your DH improves soon.

TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 01-Sep-10 22:19:41

tudorrose - Does your DD do tablets yet, or is she still tiny? DS can do them he just wont. hmm

Oh and if you discover the art of getting them to comply with physio do share, DS is a little sod with his and I'm getting kicked/punched in the face daily. He wasn't diagnosed until he was nearly 3 so he isn't very compliant with anything.

tudorrose Wed 01-Sep-10 22:28:43

No tablets yet she is only 2yr 6m. Physio was fine till she hit 2, she was diagnosed at four weeks so she never knew any different but now it can be awful! Its just another thing to shout "NOOOOO" to like refusing to eat the lovingly prepared meals containing all the millions of calories she needs. The joys of two year olds. If we can manage two episodes of Peppa Pig while we do it we consider ourselves lucky! grin

KatyMac Wed 01-Sep-10 22:39:13

At least DH does his own (the idea of manipulating a 6ft 2 bloke [gone white])

Mind you I don't think he is very effective - which isn't helping

TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 01-Sep-10 22:41:02

Im havng to bribe DS with the Wii for all things treatment related but he does bounce all of the time whilst playing it so its kinda Physio i guess.

Does your DH have Percusiion for Physio Katie? Ds does and he is always screaming 'your hurting meeeee, your breaking my arms off' hmm

KatyMac Wed 01-Sep-10 22:44:02

No - his is very low key

not resting/dossing round the house - up & doing stuff all the time, dancing 3 times a week, tennis twice a week, exercise bike twice a day

He can't/won't do the 'huffing' as it hurts - but I wish he did

tudorrose Wed 01-Sep-10 22:47:23

I can't quite get my head round doing your own physio. I know she will do it one day but I just cant think how. There must be a knack but we slap DD3 hard on her back and her chest to make her cough and that doesn't always work either, you can still hear her rattling. And I totally agree with you, life can really be shitty sometimes.

tudorrose Wed 01-Sep-10 22:50:50

I bet he doesn't tell people my mummy hits me when he is sitting in the trolly in Morrisons either. And then show them with a teddy.
I love toddlers!

KatyMac Wed 01-Sep-10 22:54:10

He rarely coughs (big problem)

He rarely does the proper physio (big problem) - but the nice ladies at the hospital agree moving is the most important thing

He doesn't have to nearly as much as kids with CF as his problem is different but we are looking into working out how to have him upside down which would apparently help a couple of times a day confused

ps he is 58 on Friday.........wink

LadyBiscuit Wed 01-Sep-10 22:56:09

Titsalina - was going to say - does your DS have CF by any chance? I recognise some of those names. My sister has it (although as an adult she has nebulised drugs, those liquid ones sound vile)

I can impress people by reeling off the names of the various infections she has

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