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mumtosomeone Wed 31-Aug-05 07:22:46

thinking about it...any advice

bobbybob Wed 31-Aug-05 07:23:44

How many kids, how old are you - all those sorts of questions.

mumtosomeone Wed 31-Aug-05 07:27:37

5 children and 39!

KateF Wed 31-Aug-05 08:06:18

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

mumtosomeone Wed 31-Aug-05 12:05:53

so it is done in a day? I could be home before the children got back from school?

KateF Wed 31-Aug-05 14:58:15

Depends on when the list is. Mine was afternoon so I was in at 1pm and let out at 6 but just came home and went to bed. Don't reckon on picking the kids up from school even if you have it done in the morning. You need someone there even if its a useless dh!

mumtosomeone Wed 31-Aug-05 15:39:52

Just need to decide if I am ready to take the step!!!

happymerryberries Wed 31-Aug-05 15:44:02

I had it done and it was one of the best things I have done. At 37 with ds and having the two kids I wanted I never wanted to be pg again or have any more children, ever, with anyone, under any circumstances at all!

I had mine done when ds was born by c section so I can't advise on if it hurt, mobility probs etc.

The only advice I can give is that it is wonderful to have it done but you have to be 100% sure that you never want any more children ever. You can't go into it thinking you could get a reversal IYSWIM

mumtosomeone Wed 31-Aug-05 15:57:27

its so final..but reality is I have 5 and am almost 40!!!!!

fqueenzebra Wed 31-Aug-05 21:49:10

There are really good threads about this in the archives. Is Mears still boycotting us? She's a big fan.

I went for a preliminary appt. & chickened out, but consultant told me something like 10-30% of women regret it. Thing is, all the women I've spoken to IRL have been very happy they had it done.

KateF Wed 31-Aug-05 21:52:18

I did it because I had to (fell pregnant on Pill twice). Have been surprised at how little it has bothered me since - only a tiny twinge when a friend announced her fourth pregnancy. I know I really couldn't cope with any more and it is nice not to have to take pills anymore.

Distracted Wed 31-Aug-05 21:53:03

Can I join in? Am also considering this, so interested to see what people advise.

I'm only 35 and have 2 kids, but I know I definitely don't want any more and I also don't want to be on the pill any more (have been on pill on and off for most of my adult life). I got pregnant 3x at first attempt, so am particularly worried about accidents!

Have discussed with GP a few times now and keep getting put off. Have a consent form now though, just need to complete it! Last time GP tried to persuade me to go for Mirena coil instead, but don't really want more hormones.

expatinscotland Wed 31-Aug-05 21:56:23

Dh is having the snip. Far less invasive, cheaper and more effective.

Distracted Wed 31-Aug-05 21:58:13

mumtosomeone have you discussed this with your GP? Have they told you the scary things designed to put you off?

I've been told that they have to 'blow up' your abdomen as part of the procedure and if they get this wrong for some reason they can cause serious problems. Other GP also told me she knew of someone who had her colon accidently damaged during the operation and ended up having to have a colostomy bag!

I'm exaggerating slightly when I say GPs are trying to scare me - obviously you have to understand the risks when you agree to have an operation. As operations go then I'm sure it is really extremely low risk - the thing that makes me pause is that it's a voluntary operation, not necessary, so should I expose myself to the risks? Ho hum.

Distracted Wed 31-Aug-05 21:59:50

Expat - lucky you! I think vasectomy is much safer and more effective. It's not an option for us though.

swiperfox Wed 31-Aug-05 22:00:42

I've been thinking bout this as i'm pg with number 3 which is filling me with dread so i know i wont be having any more after this. I've mentioned to dp to consider getting the snip but he's not sure (pathetic!!) So was wondering if they would do it when i have the cs?

swiperfox Wed 31-Aug-05 22:01:33

Hmm, distracted, perhaps i'll rethink it and show dp the thread on vasectomies!!

expatinscotland Wed 31-Aug-05 22:03:07

I wouldn't be with someone who tried to cajole me into having an operation after having gone through pregnancy and childbirth, personally.

Luck has nothing to do w/it. That's just the type of partner I'm with.

He wouldn't dream of suggesting such a thing to me and I wouldn't to him.

The snip was his choice entirely.

fqueenzebra Wed 31-Aug-05 22:07:09

Swiperfox i spoke to someone today who had it done (after her 6th child!) during her C=section (like my cousin did, actually). Since you would already be undergoing a major operation I think it's as low risk as the procedure can be to tag on the tube clipping.

KateF Wed 31-Aug-05 22:08:04

Swiperfox, they will do it at c section but prefer not to if poss because everything is so vascular there is higher chance of the tubes regrowing and therefore higher failure rate.
The risks are pretty low but they do have to tell you. The worst side effect from the gas is shoulder tip pain which was quite bad for 24hrs.

happymerryberries Thu 01-Sep-05 07:52:49


Because of the extra risk of failure I had my fallopian tubes totaly removed....weird thing seeing them in a little pot!

I had it don't then and there as I already had the op IYSWIM. Dh would hav3 had the snip, but as he has already lost one testicle to cancer I felt in this case his privates had gone through more than mine!

mumtosomeone Thu 01-Sep-05 07:57:45

my DH is too young for the snip! I wouldnt even ask him!
I havent really discussed sterelisation with him,but practicly we dont want more children. Emotionally I do!!! I have just had a miscarriage and dont want to go through that agin either!!! AAAahhh my head is full of stuff!!!!

KateF Thu 01-Sep-05 08:30:55

Very sorry to hear about your loss. Maybe you need a bit of time to grieve before you try to get your head around a big decision like sterilisation. It is an emotional issue even when you know it's the right one so just be kind to yourself for a bit then have another think. Sending you a hug.

mumtosomeone Thu 01-Sep-05 11:39:08

thanks Kate!
Dont know if DH would let me either as he is against opperations that are not needed!!
I am worried it will make me feel less of a you understand that? I felt like that when I miscarried

dinosaur Thu 01-Sep-05 11:40:10

I'm thinking about this too, as I am sure I don't want any more children and DH is too chicken to have the snip.

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