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Best way to get rid of a flabby belly????

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Zebra33 Thu 12-Aug-10 13:45:41

What is the best, tried and tested way to get rid of a post-baby flabby belly???

bouncingblueberries Thu 12-Aug-10 13:47:58

(watching with interest)

Doodlez Thu 12-Aug-10 13:48:52

Marks place.

sheaintheavy Thu 12-Aug-10 13:49:30


fillybuster Thu 12-Aug-10 13:52:41

<keeps eye on thread>

cece Thu 12-Aug-10 13:54:07

I wish I knew.

Taps foot impatiently to find out...

sazlocks Thu 12-Aug-10 13:58:12

watches thread with interest for answer

Carmel206 Thu 12-Aug-10 14:00:13

watching add waiting for any words of wisdom?????

DownInTheJungle Thu 12-Aug-10 14:00:18

Dunno. I was told running, but it didn't work for me, even though I now run twice a week for at least 3 miles a time.

What did have some success was cutting out sugar and bread. That stopped me craving sugary and carb-laden foods, which meant I ate less. It was hell though. I lost weight all over, but definitely on my tummy as a result.

I do think though, that a LOT of women retain weight on their tummies (esp ater age 35-ish/babies), and that while we may not like it, it is hard to fight a natural process

mosschops30 Thu 12-Aug-10 14:16:06

Is it fat or skin?

I have lost almost all my baby weight now after no.3 (4 stone) am back in a size 8.
My stomach is not 'fat' but has loose skin, where, Im guessing all my babies have lived and stretched the skin and it will never go back to normal.
After ds1 and dd it was pretty much normal but I think dw2 finally killed it off.

FWIW I eat 3 meals a day, no carbs after 4pm, exercise 4 times a week (spin, body combat, gym, swim, pilates) no caffene, no carbomated drinks. All this has pretty much got me back to shape but the only thing that will shift that skin is surgery and Im never going to do that

mosschops30 Thu 12-Aug-10 14:16:35

meant ds2

herecomesthesun Fri 13-Aug-10 10:28:44

I have lost my weight but my stomach is so wobbly that It makes me think I need a tummy tuck even though I don't need it really and wouldn't have one, I just need to tone it up.

I am going to start pilates and yoga when babies go to school and other than that I think that 1000 sit ups a day is probably the only answer?

I dream of having a tummy like Flavia off Strictly Come Dancing but realistically it aint gonna happen.

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