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Additional H.I.B. Vaccine?

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emsiewill Tue 22-Jul-03 23:04:54

I know I'm probably being thick, but what is the HIB vaccine for, and does anyone have any idea why my dd2 (4) should have been called for this additional one (on Thursday)? I know they normally have an MMR booster before starting school - although have heard nothing about this, nor her pre-school check-up that I thought she would get, I think the HV has forgotten about us - but don't remember dd1 (6) having an "additional HIB vaccine".
Obviously, I can, and will, ask about this at the doctor's on Thursday, but can anyone fill me in, so that I'm talking from a position of (a little) knowledge? It seems so long since I had to think about injections, I'm really out of touch with it all.

batey Wed 23-Jul-03 06:49:48

Check out the "Hib booster" thread, sorry havn't got time to do a link.....

daisylawn Wed 23-Jul-03 09:03:05

My daughter just had this booster. I beleive it is because Meningitis is suddenly becoming more prevalent in the preschool age group for some reason.
DDs jab did not contain mercury by the way and she had no discernable side effects.

emsiewill Wed 23-Jul-03 15:30:13

Thanks for the info about the other thread, have studied it carefully. Feel a bit embarrassed that all this has passed me by - I like to think of myself as a bit "clued up". Still, mumsnet to the rescue, as always.

Bron Thu 24-Jul-03 09:55:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wickedstepmother Thu 24-Jul-03 10:07:38

Hib is Haemophilus influenzae type b.

As well as meningitis, it can cause infection in joints, pneumonia and epiglottitis (causing swelling of part of the windpipe causing noisy, painful breathing and even blockage of the airway).

There has been a small but significant rise in cases since 1998. The DOH are running the booster programme to control the disease way before it reaches epidemic proportions.

Rebi Thu 24-Jul-03 10:25:10

When my ds was 3 months old I developed atypical pneumonia and spent nearly 4 weeks in hospital. They eventually found HIB in my system.

After the experience I would have no hesitation in giving my children boosters. It is a very nasty bug and I nearly died from it.

All's well that ends well though As you can imagine my very strong advise is get the booster!

Neen99 Thu 24-Jul-03 10:34:41

My ds had the Hib booster last Friday.
He had a temperature the next day, which lasted over the weekend, and he was definitely not 'himself'. Then on Monday night he was up being sick all night, he was off the next day, and then was sick last night again.
Don't know if it's coincidence that he's picked up a bug around the same time as his jab. Has anyone else's children suffered any ill-effects?
I'm taking him to the Doctors this afternoon so we'll see what he says.

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