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REDUCTIL-can anyone tell me about the effects of this.

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dropinthe Sun 21-Aug-05 15:40:27

drug that a good pal of mine has started taking?Is it safe? Is anyone on it? Think it sounds like speed to me-am I wrong? Am not happy with hunger suppressants,prescibed or not!
Am v worried for her!

happymerryberries Sun 21-Aug-05 16:07:25

Second time of trying to post this!

It isn't an amphetamine, originaly it wasdesigned to be an anti depressant, but found not to be and AD but caused weight less as a side effect. It was then developed as a weight loss agent!

It has side effects but not like amphetamines....they will be listed on her PIL. I know I helped to write it!

dropinthe Sun 21-Aug-05 16:08:21


Gobbledigook Sun 21-Aug-05 16:11:51

It's very widely used and is px for obesity (where it really needs to be treated - BMI over 30 and if pt has other conditions such as hypertension, dyslipidaemia, diabetes).

It is an appetite suppressant but according to the doctors I've heard from it's not very effective and certainly not in the long term (after about 8 weeks), patients become tolerant to it.

Side effects can be raised blood pressure, palpitations, constipation, headache, dry mouth, insomnia

Gobbledigook Sun 21-Aug-05 16:12:09

PIL is Patient Information Leaflet - you always get one with prescribed medicine

dropinthe Sun 21-Aug-05 16:13:37

And you wrote the REductil one?

happymerryberries Sun 21-Aug-05 16:13:53

Sorry, Patient Information Leaflet. The side effects have to be listed there under uk law.

I've written a few in my time!

Reductil has similarites with Prozac but is not identical, it affacts other neurotransmitters.

Amphetamine based diet pills are banned in the UK.

It doesn't suppress hunger btw, but makes you feel satisfied faster IYSWIM

happymerryberries Sun 21-Aug-05 16:14:32

I did some work on it, it was finised after I left the company!

dropinthe Sun 21-Aug-05 16:15:53

Thanks for the info-feel better now.She has lost half a stone in two weeks so is very happy with it-we shall see what happens in the long run.

Gobbledigook Mon 22-Aug-05 09:57:52

The only way for her to keep it off in the long run is to modify her lifestyle - better diet, more exercise. The effects of Reductil don't last long - it just gives you a kick start.

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