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Breaking out in Cold Sores ALL the time just now...

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Tamashii Sun 18-Jul-10 09:14:34

I have had cold sores since I was a toddler after apparently someone with a cold sore kissed me on the cheek and it broke out and covered the entire left side of my face and neck.

Ever since then I have had on and off cold sores that got a million times worse when puberty kicked in.

I have tried everything including the infra red cold sore machines, lotions, creams and eventually started taking Lysine tablets which have greatly reduced the severity of the cold sores.

It is truly the herpes simplex virus and can errupt on my lips, nose sides of the face and earlobes. Disgusting things and very noticeable. I don't know anyone who gets them as bad in RL although hear lots of stories on the net like mine and worse.

Anyway, I had about a year where I only got a tingly lip occasionally and the Lysine and cold sore lotion kept things under control. Then since the start of this year I seem to be constantly breaking out. I ALWAYS have a small blister somewhere on my face and I know it would be much worse without the Lysine but does anyone else know why I am breaking out all the time?

Anyone else in the same position with this? It makes me feel so "unclean" and I have to keep DS away from my face which I worry is weird for him if he wants to give me a kiss or cuddle or even when he goes to name parts of my face and he wants to touch cheeks, nose, ears etc I have to move his hands away cos I never ever want him to catch this horrible thing.

Sorry to rant but it really gets me down. I am quite shy as it is and struggle to get out and meet new people n definitely avoid it when I have a fully errupted cluster of blisters on my face...

Thanks for any replies

FanjolinaJolie Sun 18-Jul-10 22:13:30

I find I can lessen the number of outbreaks by taking a pro-biotic multivitamin (boots one) plus high dose vitamin C 1000mg per day. I've read that pro-biotic is very good for herpes you can also take good quality live yoghurt. I also take the lycine when I've got a cold sore, the Lycine Plus is good as it has come other things in it like garlic etc. Lycine Plus do a coldstick like a lip stick which is good for keeping lips moist.

I would ask your GP about possible long-term aciclovir, which you can take every day for a year. It would stop any outbreaks during that time.

Also what is your diet and general health like? Regular exercise can improve your immune system by 40%.

You have my sympathy as cold sores suck!!

Tamashii Mon 19-Jul-10 10:46:47

Thanks very much for the reply. My diet isn't that great tbh. I am trying to cut out all alcohol as well since this seems to be a trigger but am not sure.

Just also realised that since we are trying to cut back on the shopping,I stopped buying Actimel or Yakult... Maybe I will start gettin it again as it does seem to be since I stopped drinking them that I have really started breaking out every day.

GP just keeps giving me prescription for zovirax. I had the blue tablets once when I had such a bad outbreak that it ended up all round the inside of my mouth and I could hardly eat... TMI sorry. Maybe I should try to be more pushy on the aciclovir long term...


5inthebed Mon 19-Jul-10 10:58:01

Oh you poor thing. I've suffered with coldsores from a young age as well, including on my earlobes and nose. Usually it is stress that triggers mine off. We are moving soon so I look the the elephant woman atm hmm.

I've also found that I get them in hot sunny weather if I don't put thick vaseline on them. Wow, I sound so attractive.

Sorry I don't have any wonderful advice for you though.

My mam used to insist on putting perfume on them when I got them, but wouldn't reccommend as stings like sin.

FanjolinaJolie Mon 19-Jul-10 12:39:31

Sunlight is a trigger so keep a high factor suncream (or a foundation with SPF25) on all the time.

Try the actimel/yakult again or you can take a probiotic tablet. The drinks can be pricey so a tablet might be cheaper.

A family friend who has been battling long-term leukemia (over 20 years) swears by high strength vitamin C, he takes 1000mg daily and 3000mg when actually poorly.

I have found this to help me too for cold sores.

oldenoughtowearpurple Mon 19-Jul-10 12:51:31

My dog has given me a repeat prescription for aciclivir. I go through phases of outbreaks when I'm run down or stressed or poorly; when they get too much I take a course of antivirals which knocks them on their head then I get a repeat prescription filled and keep them on hand for next time. Personally I find aciclovar the best thing by far. Given the quantity of your cold sores, where they are on your face and the fact you have a ds I can't understand why your doctor doesn't just give them to you.

I don't take any supplements but I do eat carefully and try to take care of myself - i know that if I don't that will trigger an outbreak

oldenoughtowearpurple Mon 19-Jul-10 12:51:44

DOCtor! Not dog!

rabbitstew Mon 19-Jul-10 17:20:18

Wish you hadn't corrected yourself, oldenoughtowearpurple. I was enjoying such amusing mental images.

nightcat Mon 19-Jul-10 22:14:37

I get them when run down, after sun exposure and used to get a lot more when vegeterian. Found out since that Zn also helps to improve immunity, so you could try gently supplementing Zn & B vits.

FanjolinaJolie Tue 20-Jul-10 10:22:52

Zn is important.

The vitamin C I take has the zinc with it, Redoxon Slow Release vit c and zinc. I really think it works.

I spend a fortune in Boots!! But if I can keep the cold sores away I don't mind the cost.

Karoleann Tue 20-Jul-10 21:04:15

I've taken oral aciclovir for recurrent cold sores before and its worked well, although i only get them on my lips and that's bad enough. I really feel for you.

FanjolinaJolie Wed 21-Jul-10 20:59:15

You know, I think you should go and see your GP. Are they aware of how much you are suffering with this and how many outbreaks you are having?

I think you should ask to be referred to either dermatologist or immunologist (sp) to see if they can discover why you are having so many outbreaks.

Perhaps ask for a full bloodwork to see if you are deficient in anything obvious which might improve your immunity and general health.

Tamashii Wed 28-Jul-10 22:14:10

Thanks again for the replies. I've got actimel again n am going to go back to the doc again if this keeps going. lmao at 'Dog MD'

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