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Sister suffering from pins & needles and numb arms

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jampots Sat 20-Aug-05 15:12:42

My sister told me that she has been suffering from sudden onset of pins & needles leading to heavy numb arms for a couple of months. There's no pattern to this and she has seen her GP who is not worried. The most recent occurance was on Tuesday (twice) and Wednesday (3 times) this week. She was writing at the time. It happens in both arms at the same time.

Ive suggested she see a different GP and insist on referral onto neurologist as it sound strange that both arms are affected together

WigWamBam Sat 20-Aug-05 15:18:14

Could she have a trapped nerve in her neck? That can cause pins and needles and numbness in both arms.

Does she do a job where some form of RSI could be a likely cause? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can cause pins and needles and numbness, and I know from very painful experience that it can affect both sides together.

fqueenzebra Sat 20-Aug-05 15:42:28

She's not taking large amounts of B6 supplements, is she?

I think general electrolyte imbalance could cause this kind of symptom, too.

steffee Sat 20-Aug-05 15:44:35

Has she got any other symtoms of an underactive thyroid, such as feeling tired or lacking energy, mood swings, constipation, memory trouble and concentration, getting breathless, gaining weight?

jabberwocky Sat 20-Aug-05 15:48:08

How about a visit to the chiropractor?

Davros Sat 20-Aug-05 18:24:49

This was the first symptom I had before being dx with Scleroderma, where the tissues in your body thicken up. I thought it was due to recent pregnancy and was just carpal tunnel syndrome. I think she should ask for a referral to a rheumatologist, even if it is just a form of CTS.

jampots Sat 20-Aug-05 19:23:53

oh Davros - that sounds serious?

Davros Sat 20-Aug-05 20:24:54

It is quite serious but it doesn't mean she has anything like that. I also lost loads of weight with no explanation (again put it down to recent pg) and was VERY out of breath. I just wouldn't take the GP's word and agree she should see someone else and ask for some sort of referral and follow up the other suggestions here.

jayzmummy Sat 20-Aug-05 20:36:07

could it be this?
I have carpal tunnel syndrome and have had two operations which have helped a lot to ease the pins and neddles and numbness to some extent. When I write or type for longer than 10 minutes both my hands go numb and I get pins and needles.I wake most mornings with numb hands that take about 10 minutes to come round to feeling anywhere near normal.

I wear wrist braces on both hands which helps to keep the tunnel free and helps to ease the numbness.


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